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Stable ground fog patch (v1.15.8 & 1.15.9)


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Dear Homesteaders
v1.15.8, a stable release, can now be downloaded through the account manager.

[Edit:] Also released v1.15.9 to fix a creative mode crash.

Alright, the rc.1 seems to have produce no new issues, so seems stable enough! The stable build contains a few more valuable bugfixes. Thanks for your continuous help with bug reporting and translating, dear community!

Screenshot by Thor8472 on Discord

Game updates

  • New in 1.15.8-rc.1
    • Tweak: Improved world loading times (~42% faster loading times when using the BuildingPlus mod) (Technical info: Skip uncessarry regex captures, skip unecessary dictionary creation during block resolving, lazy load decal meshes,
    • Tweak: Fix client side lag spikes caused by containers
    • Tweak: Added additional info, and a link to the wiki, when describing block reinforcement system
    • Tweak: Added game launch vanilla mod/engine integrity check to prevent undefined behavior (technical info: Crash if survival/creative/essentials mod versiion and engine versions do not match)
    • Tweak: Improve sound debug logging to find Aledarks sound issues, more error reporting to find issue #1367
    • Fixed: Click+Drag distributing of items not distributing correctly, especially on high latency servers
    • Fixed: Ground mist effect not working
    • Fixed: Items that somehow ended up in the crafting grid got lost after rejoin/world reload
    • Fixed: Coloring lanterns did not update lighting server side, causing them to get lost after server restart
    • Fixed: Farmland perma boosters still applicable multiple times
    • Fixed: Chiseled blocks held item name did not use custom names
    • Fixed: Bright halo around cassava leaves
    • Fixed: GUI flicker when dressing/undressing clothes on non 100% resolution setting
    • Fixed: /weather seti not properly reloading weather config
    • Fixed: Reducing view distance while chunks are loading could cause eternal chunk load/unload loop, increasing server and client load
    • Fixed: Pit kiln not emitting light
    • Fixed: Pie stacksize desync issue
    • Fixed: Soldering iron usable as chisel ô_Ô
    • Fixed: A few dozen texts were not translatable
    • Fixed: Armor infotext: Missing 'High damage tier resistant' notice on some armor, missing + sign on Ranged Weapon Charge Time
    • Fixed: Not able to ditch first item in creative inventory into the empty area
    • Fixed: Mouse stayed uncaptured when using .bsedit and no block was selected
    • Fixed: Fire clay chimney not in handbook
    • Fixed: Small oiled hide not craftable
    • Fixed: Text rendering/formatting issues when using japanese translations
    • Fixed: Broken slanted roofing not stacking with freshly crafted ones
  • New since 1.15.8-rc.1
    • Tweak: Lower drifter spawn max block light by another light level to make bases more safe
    • Tweak: Greatly improve minimap performance for players with 1000+ waypoints
    • Tweak: Updated comunity translations
    • Fixed: Derpy water foam effect, fine tuned water visuals
    • Fixed: Wrong text line breaks on chiseled block names
    • Fixed: OpenAL OutOfMemory error with large amounts of mechanical power blocks
    • Fixed: Should fix occasional crash when putting a cooking pot in a firepit or grindable in a quern
    • Fixed: Should fix able to right click moving of more than one cooking pot into the firepit
    • Fixed: A crash when righting clicking a barrel with a bowl in hands
    • Fixed: Visual fixes Leather helmet z-fighting with hair, meteoric chain pants texture issues
    • Api Tweak: Creative inventory: Doubled the possible creative tab spaces by adding a right hand side list
    • Api Fixed: Creative inventory: Long tab names got cut off, now doubled the possible length


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