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  1. Fixed: Occasional lighting flicker when placing or changing blocks Omg yes I updated to this unstable release for this alone. Now off to try and find chalk!
  2. So I've been really into Vintage Story over the last couple of weeks and recently I wanted to re-bind a couple of things. Namely sprint and crouch. My mouse has a couple of extra buttons on the side that I guess are defined at m4 and m5. When attempting to bind sprint and crouch to these as well as the middle mouse button it will not allow me to. Would love it if this could be added. Thanks P.S- Looooove the game so much.
  3. So here is a thread for the community to vote on the theme for the next update: https://www.vintagestory.at/forums/topic/3144-choose-your-favorite-theme-for-v115-gasp/ One of the choices is "The Industrialization Update" which does list water wheel. So I'm thinking it will be added at some point.
  4. So I don't know how many other people may have noticed this, but YouTube's automated game detection system used to label Vintage Story as Minecraft. Well no longer! They are now properly labelled as Vintage Story (as you can see in the cropped image below). It may seem small, but I think it will help Vintage Story gain more traction (or I at least sincerely hope so).
  5. So I love the peat combined with straw and charcoal powder. My one issue is that I can't stack it normally like regular peat. Would you be able to implement that?
  6. Honestly I just got the game and I'm super addicted, and all of these choices sound AMAZING.
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