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Combat problems


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It would be nice if the game had a world for people who are new and not amazing at combat. Maybe for people who do better on farm sims, despite how fun this game sounds; it so far is the WORST game I have! 

The drifters do NOT walk away in daylight and EVERY game I have played; WOLVES have camped out in front of my house! 

Maybe there should be a combat scale so you can reduce the combat if you need to. As of right now this combat is messed up and I feel like I must play with other people! Too bad you don't put down, MULTIPLAYER IS REQURIED! 

If you only want the best of the best of the best of Minecrafters' to play this game, well that is a very very small niche market... and you should state as much. I had an easier time playing the Super Hostile mod for Minecraft and I don't play that mod. The people who yell the loudest make the game harder are the smallest group. I am getting grieved by in game wolves. It's as bad as wolves killed me at my house and when I spawned they were at my spawn point and killed me again!

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Combat in VS actually needs to be improved by a LOT!  Drifters are little more than a nuisance as you can practically walk away from them without sprinting.  Your wolf problem was the unlucky event of homesteading near a wolf spawn point.  There's no shame in aborting a world and restarting.

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Just dig a small (~5x5 blocks) 1 block deep pit, line it with fences, and lure the wolves into it (run to the opposite side so the pit is between you and them. The wolves will run into the pit and be trapped). Now more wolves won't spawn outside of it as there are already wolves present, and the area is more or less safe. This also works underground with drifters.

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16 hours ago, FlyingCatPhillips said:

It would be nice if the game had a world for people who are new and not amazing at combat.

I guess you started with "standard"? Try "exploration" or choose "passive" as "creature hostility" in the settings. Or you could simply create a world with creature hostility set to "never hostile" and enjoy this game in a really relaxed and relaxing way.

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If you are having a hard time with enemies, or simply don't enjoy combat, you can adjust the creature hostility even in an ongoing game using console commands (the wiki has a list). Note that the "passive" setting is equivalent to what most games would call "neutral"; they won't attack unless provoke them, but they will retaliate if you do. The "never hostile" setting is what most games would call passive. Feel free to tweak the game by playing with settings and mods until you have a setup you like; it's designed to be flexible that way.

Drifters will eventually wander off once it's full daylight, but it takes a few minutes; they don't just burn up in the sun like Minecraft. There's also a mod you can use to remove drifters entirely if you don't like them hanging around making annoying noises all night (I think it's called "Creepless" - the mod called "No Monsters" doesn't currently work IIRC).

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Like everyone has pointed out above.
Aside the several noteworthy ways of dealing with enemies, from trapping to a variety of other methods..
You can just disable it all together.
The game even has a preset when you make a new world so you can chose what style you want to play with, or make a customized one yourself in the easy to use settings.

Wolves have spawning conditions. So do drifters.
Wolves have a set spawning area that are easy to spot. If you spot wolves nearby, or are near a forest, try to avoid building base there.
Wolves can even chase rabbits and end up near or around your settlement.
Try investing in a bow if you have difficulty dealing with enemies up close.
And as weird as it may sound... You can actually outrun a wolf.
If you haven't built a trap for it like mentioned above... Try using the water.
Wolves in this game are horrible swimmers. You...Are not.

In my personal opinion I wouldn't say a game is worse simply because I don't know how it works yet or what I'm supposed to do.
There is a learning curve and several ways to deal with issues during your playthrough.
The game isn't designed to be played just for the best of the best as you proclaim it might've been aimed for.
Instead it's made for everyone as far as I am aware.
There are plenty of options to fine-tune the game even without the use of mods, as opposed to Minecraft which solely relies on mods to 'fix' certain inconveniences.

Read a few of the posts here, read the wiki and experiment a little.
Failing to do something doesn't mean it's the end and the game is unplayable.
Otherwise no one would play it.
And yet... Look how many do play and thoroughly enjoy it at that.

So gather a bit more intel on how to play, what to do, and then play again.
And if you don't know something or would simply like to get some tips then ask the community.

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