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Weird Music Changes

Lumber Jackson

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Recently I stumbled across an underground ruin of what I'd call a warehouse. It had a lot of aged logs which I promptly removed. I converted them to planks and replaced 3/4 of the flooring in my small keep.

Now, when I walk around in the keep, the in game background music does this weird speed up and slow down effect that wasn't noticable at first because I don't have the volume for the music set very high. Now that I've noticed tho, I hear it all the time.

Is this because of the aged wood planks or some other reason?


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On 12/21/2021 at 7:03 PM, Philtre said:

Does the music track change, or just the speed at which it plays? Some materials will make a room into a different area type (a lot of relieved stone blocks will make a cave, for example), so you can end up with cave music being played in your cellar, or something.

It's the speed. I think something is triggering the music incorrectly now. I experienced it again, but this time I was outside. I tested it a bit, and it didn't have to do with what blocks I was walking on or near. It just seemed to be related to the fact that I was walking.

I attempted to turn down the music volume, but it didn't have an effect. It didn't get quiet unless I turned down the game sound level. Now I'm wondering if something is triggering some background music instead of say the sound for walking in armor. You wouldn't want a walking noise to be repetitive so you would vary it a bit. If something is triggering a music track instead, that would explain the weird tonal changes, especially when it seemed my walking had an effect on it.

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