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The 3 basic mechanical power

tony Liberatto

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Historically there were 3 different ways to power any mechanical device:  Animal force, Wind and Water. Each one has advantages and disadvantages.

First I would like to advocate for the inclusion in the game of all 3 of them. Preferably at the same time, even if is in a simplified way. That would avoid controversy later on.

 Animal: Can be made in any place, but it requires a domesticated animal and constant player supervision.  The mule will not keep turning that wheel forever. Also, the mule or horse needs to be fed and needs rest.

Wind: Is intermittent, the wind is not blowing all the time. Also, it should require some elevation and not mountains or buildings blocking the wind. Great for unattended jobs. 

Water/River: Constant power supply, but can only be made where the river is. It gives the player another reason to look for a river. Just to be clear, I am completely opposed to water wheels powered by a bucket made water source block.

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I am against ever having Electricity in the game. It would bring technology too close to modern times. 

Electricity should be left for mods.
Steam is OK, as long as it requires a very long process with lots of parts that would take a long time to get. 

Steam could be part of the main game, but should not be added before other major priorities. 

I mean, is a cool thing but the game can wait for it.
Steam has all the advantages, as it can be used anytime, all the time and anywhere. 
Steam should consume fuel and water though. All components should be metal and also need lubricants.

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10 hours ago, Theishiopian said:

I think electricity should be used for control instead of power. That way, mechanical power never becomes useless, and electricity only makes the stuff you can make even more complex and advanced. Think redstone instead of RF. 

While electricity makes for a simple control system, it still doesn't really fit the setting of VS. It also has been done many times before, in Factorio or Oxygen Not Included.

Gear driven computing however fits more nicely with the setting, while also being much more unique and fancy looking. "Clockwork engineering" sound much cooler than "Electrical engineering" and also has some gameplay benefits: Gears have clearly defined constraints and make for a more interesting puzzle, as their placement is naturally more limited.

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I think somthing based on a completly new and and different tech is warented. think temporal Gears. What are they how do they tie into the drifters ? what is the conection? What more can we do with them?

Im thinking we discover more info in journals and ruins and through exploration that slowly start to show us how to build dark mater or temporal collectors that can be used to power multi block devices such as presses,forges and machinery, only to discover that perhaps a calamity along the lines of this tech caused the destruction of a whole society.

Who says we have to have conventional power like energy units or electricity. Lets add to the lore and story and base it on somthing completly different.

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I was thinking today how the temporal gears or old world tech has the power to set ones spawn point. What if the temporial power could be used to do ther things ? Maybe incorperate temporial dust to power devices or to create a whole new tech tree based off of this ancient unknown energy source. temporal Gears could be ground up or for dust that could be used to empower items or act as a impulse to power switches or doors or plates. I know I know Ill say cinabar:) not the other thing:)

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