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Chiselwork from my new House.

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Still work in Progress here are 3 Screenshot from my Chiselwork at the railings etc. and the House from the outside.

the House idea i had from this Screenshot: https://de.dreamstime.com/redaktionelles-stockfoto-schmiedehaus-deutschen-museum-bei-frutillar-chile-image89356408

the smithy is in the left part of the Building but not very nice decorated jet.

Vintagestory 2022-03-20 18-06-13-16.jpg

Vintagestory 2022-03-22 22-43-57-97.jpg

Vintagestory 2022-03-22 22-44-08-05.jpg

Vintagestory 2022-03-12 20-41-23-24.jpg

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A small update: i made a small Cooking place area. Outside i made a rough furnace with chimney. it has a bronceblock so water can put out my fire :D

The last Wall of my smithy i tried to make a Treeshape for chiseling. Above is the sign of Yggdrasil because with chiseling the name was to long... ^^

the roof i patched with oakboards so i dont need to see the roof. i am pretty happy with the current design lovley small smithy i took my time and hammer my plates all by hand.

was never interested in the Windhammer 🙂 because if i make it more easy the game i getting done stuff faster and the most annoying task i dont make per Hand (Grinding Flour)







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Small Update: i finished 1 single side of my Arcs. unfortnatly i need to build it 12 more times so i have at least a week of work to do

first i decided for smooth stoneslabs but they arent that much chiselable like the brick ones. Later i can use the smoothed onces maybe as a floor.


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