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Trader Huts: Invitation for Suggestions


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For version 1.9 we'll be adding traders which will spawn inside trader huts or other small structures, such as market stands. To fit with the them they should be medieval style and fairly smallish. 

@Ivan already built a couple of such huts, but it can never hurt to see what others can build, so if you feel like contributing show us your trader structures! 

[Edit 22.Jan:] To clarify, buildings will only be added after approval of the Team.

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This next one is a semi-recreation of my very first V.S. hovel.

It worked as a sort of mini-fort/bulwark; the side trapdoors let me spear any lurkers that appeared each morning - while still offering some protection.

I would see some kind of guard/sentry here - perhaps a basement armourer?





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Oh, those look nice, please do export them

1. /we ms    (mark start position where you currently stand)
2. /we me    (mark end position where you currently stand)
3. /we mex [name]   (export schematic under %appdata%/VintageStoryData/WorldEdit/[name].json

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