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I was wondering if there is some place other than the wiki that has a more detailed explanation on surviving your first couple of days. I can't seem to build anything without some extensive tools (can't even make planks without a saw) to make a door or build walls to make a hut or shack to keep the monsters at bay. Any tips for a first time player or places to visit that explain things a bit better?

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On 5/10/2019 at 9:39 PM, EMSpara said:

 Any tips for a first time player or places to visit that explain things a bit better?

A common tactic pre-copper, is to wall yourself off a small area.  Even better if you happen to find a ruin with the walls mostly made.   Make the walls 2 blocks high, so no mobs can climb them, then make a jumping platform outside the wall, 2 blocks away.   2 blocks away because wolves are 2 blocks long and if you only leave a 1 block gap, they will just walk over it.  Make the enclosure small enough to light with torches or fat bowls fairly easily.  This gives you a save space to work at night.  Dirt, logs, cobble, they all work.  A 2 block high wall is all you really need.  If you want you can dig a moat around it to catch drifters so you can work outside in the morning, but if you're going to be traveling they're easy enough to outrun anyway.  You can mine cobble with just your bare hands, so it's not a bad idea to spend a night dismantling a ruin an re-assembling it into a walled enclosure. 

Also remember that 'monsters' like drifters don't appear until 4 days in (hostile animals like wolves will be there from the start though).  That's assuming single player of course.  If you're on a multiplayer server the monsters will probably be there from the start.   Drifters can climb ladders, so that's another reason to use a jumping platform, as opposed to ladders.   The game doesn't have any enemies that can climb walls yet (such as spiders in minecraft) so you don't really need a roof, and in fact it's nice to not have a roof so you can easily check moon and sun progress.

Hope that helps some.

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