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Basic Armour Mod [VS:1.9.9] & [VS:1.10.*]


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So your intrepid explorer has fallen again to wolves/drifters/irate-ram.

If only there was a way to give them better protection;

The Basic Armour Mod.

(V0.1.8-B) BASIC ARMOUR MOD *download* for VS 1.9.9+ [Not V1.10]

(V0.1.8-B *V1.10 PORT*) BASIC ARMOUR MOD *download* for VS1.10.0-pre3 (AND LATER) ;

This mod extends the basic gameplay with a straight forward implementation of players wearable armour.

A Helmet and several Vests have been provided.

Texture & Models created by: BunnyViking (aka Dr.Tenabrae). [Code by Melchior]

  • This IS a Client & Server-side mod. It needs to be installed for ALL clients & Server.

Release Notes [0.1.8-B]:

  • Renderer now working as intended on client [all worn armour models should be visible to players ]
  • Helmet transform coordinates correct(er)
  • No update for servers with existing install of V0.1.8, its backwards compatible. (Players should use V0.1.8-B )
  • Special build made for V1.10.0 version. (no warranty for preleases!)



Release Notes [0.1.8]:

  • Fixed crash on receiving environmental damage
  • Armour is only damaged when taking actual damage
  • Fix for small typo on tooltip

Release Notes [0.1.7]:

  • Reworked internal event model.
  • Should no longer crash clients connecting to a server (Without the mod; e.g. left mod enabled when not used)
  • Tool-tips for armour that indicate type and amount of protection offered

Release Notes [0.1.6]:

  • Fix suggested by Tyron; (works to prevent client crash)

Release Notes [0.1.5]:

  • Drastic steps to avoid crashing client renderer
  • Changed internal logic to avoid further faults

Release Notes [0.1.4]:

  • Fix attempt for client side Race condition crash
  • more guard conditions and logging

Release Notes [0.1.3]:

  • First public version for VS1.9.3 (tested on 1.9.6)
  • All protection features work
  • Configurable Drop on Death by server side configuration file (See: ModConfig folder)
  • TEMPORARY crafting recipes due to lack of more advanced leather-working / smithery





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