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  1. Hello, Attached are all mods presently required to log in to AbjectPovertyCraft. As the list of plugins expands, this modpack will be updated accordingly. Mods included are as follows: 1.12.5-CivMods-1.0.8 1.12.5-CollectibleExchange-1.1.0 1.12.5-ShackleGear-1.0.0 I'm sure everyone here knows how to install these, but in the event that they do not visual instructions can be found here. If you encounter any difficulties, feel free to ask for help on the AbjectPovertyCraft Discord. 1.11.0-CollectibleExchange-1.1.0.zip 1.12.5-ShackleGear-1.0.0.zip 1.12.14-CivMods-1.1.0.zip
  2. I personally would be more in favor of chests/vending machines, as it's an already familiar concept to the player-base I'll be trying to poach from MC servers. (They'll already be traumatized enough by the learning curve and tech tree. Haha.)
  3. That's more or less it. Players span multiple time-zones, and it's unrealistic to expect them to adjust their IRL schedules to facilitate an in-person exchange on a video game. However, they also shouldn't be able to magically transport goods across vast distances.
  4. The lock variant is a nifty idea. On civ servers those one-shot or bulk trades would usually take place via dropchest. As in: I bury a chest, reinforce/lock it to a group, add you to the group, send you the coords, and vice-versa. But with locks and reinforcements being a per-player thing with no ability to grant access, that is a nice solution to what is hopefully a temporary problem.
  5. In the original mod you could re-configure the shop for free, and set up multiple exchanges in a single chest (which would be preferable in the long-run), but for now my focus is on basic functionality. Also, the cost of one gear per shop seems expensive now, but with the recent addition of hoppers and chutes I have a feeling that drifter farms will not be an uncommon sight going forward.
  6. Whereas I agree that the chest isn't terribly immersive, the travel requirement is actually desirable in a sense as it forces players to explore and interact, in addition to the travel serving as a sort of time/labour cost. Also, it opens up business opportunity for those willing to transport goods long distances, and enables settlements in geographically favorable locations to become centers of trade (figure that'll be more significant once water transport is a thing). Truth be told, we'd prefer to be able to disable NPC traders entrely once the day comes where anything and everything can be produced by players in survival mode, as the NPC traders are an artificial source and sink of goods. More or less the desired goal is to enable individual players to run a brick-and-mortar retail location without having to man a counter or maintain business hours. Also, the Temporal Gear would only be required for the initial creation of the shop. Once the shop is created it can be used and stocked without any additional cost.
  7. It's no secret that a few of us are trying to get mods ported over from the Civcraft genre of minecraft servers. Next item on our list (hopefully), is something that recreates only the basic functionality of the mod which I've posted a demonstration video of below. The purpose of this is to enable players to trade with one-another without having to coordinate play-times, and enable trade in a multiplayer environment independent of the NPC traders. By no means will this decrease the significance or utility of the NPC traders, as there are still many items which cannot be crafted in survival as of yet. On the contrary, this will provide greater opportunity for more homebodied players, or those more adept at building and farming that caving and mining, to acquire gears and other valuable goods by supplying more adventurous types with basic commodities that they might not feel inclined to farm. The benefits of inter-player commerce are myriad. (Also, I figure this is one less feature for me to nag Tyron about, and most certainly one that can find use in other multiplayer settings (Hi, Tony) until such time as player-owned shops are a vanilla feature.) The idea of the mod is as follows: A player creates a shop chest (more on that below), which acts as a sort of simple vending machine. The shop outputs an item (or multiples of a single type of item) for a predetermined input cost. A customer approaches the shop with the input selected in their hotbar (right hand), and double-clicks on the chest, at which point the input items in their right hand are exchanged for the output item(s). In order to set up a shop chest I want to deviate from the example below and add a material cost other than the chest and reinforcement: the Temporal Gear (everyone's favorite). The steps as I envision it are as follows: 1.) Shopkeeper places a chest or labeled chest (remember to lock and reinforce). 2.) Shopkeeper places desired output in the first slot of the chest. 3.) Shopkeeper places input requirement in second slot of chest. 4.) Shopkeeper shift+right-clicks on the intended shop chest with a Temporal Gear, instantly consuming the gear and permanently defining the shop's exchange condition. 5.) Shopkeeper may remove the input material, stock up on output material and reap the benefits of trade and division of labour. Now, I don't expect anyone in the community to do this for us (though that would be nice), but I figured I'd do a bit of preliminary research while Light is temporarily unavailable to see if it's possible with the current API functionality or if we'll have to beg Tyron for some additions. (Thank-you for your time and attention)
  8. AbjectPovertyCraft aims to replicate the plugin functionality of the civ genre of minecraft servers, with a returned focus to resource scarcity in order to encourage political and economic cooperation between large groups of players. We were the earliest proponents of the plumb and square method of in-game reinforcement for Vintage Story, and hope to have a hand in the further development of mods that will give like-minded groups of players the tools needed to band together, form societies, build nations, and enforce rule of law in their areas of influence in-game without the need for admin intervention. Server address: (or find us in the public listing) Current version: 1.9.12 Required Mods: 1.12.0-rc.1-CivMods-1.0.7.zip1.11.0-CollectibleExchange-1.1.0.zip If you have any further questions, or wish to connect with other players: Join our Discord. Or make a post on /r/AbjectPovertyCraft. This server is PUBLIC. There is no whitelist, nor will there ever be.
  9. As of 5-19-19 the mod appears to be stable on multiplayer servers.
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