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  1. It should work for 1.13.4, if it doesn't please report the error
  2. I just updated the mod so it should work with 1.13.1
  3. @DasPrinzip A similar issue was reported by @Julius van Vern but we could never reproduce it. A clean server with the same world did fix the issue at the time. If it still happens on a fresh installed server could you post logs and maybe your world, so i can try to reproduce it ?
  4. drifter ? maybe all they want is to get you 5 ft under
  5. Should be fixed with 2.1.1 Thanks for reporting
  6. Had the same reaction. I then followed copygirls tutorial for .netcore and created a template https://github.com/p3t3rix/VsModDotnetTemplate The modtools are more targeted towards new programmers that may not have much experience with c#/programming in general. But i agree it's pretty ugly to have lowercase assembly names.
  7. @Keena How did you install the mod ? On the client and the server ? If you want you can PM me on Discord. Edit: just tried it again on a dedicated server, it should work if you install it on the client and the server.
  8. As Melchior mentioned a precompiled dll would have the disadvantage that you have a problem if the library updates and breaks the contract (for example a refactoring that changes some namespaces around) and suddenly you have to update your mod because the standard library changed or otherwise you force people to choose either your mod or newer mods that use a newer version of the standard library (because you cannot load them side by side as far as i know). So by basically just having a set of .cs files that get copied to your mod your mod does not depend on the standard library mod. This
  9. The container may be accessible only until late game but the inventory one not (basically stock up on food you want to keep before logging out). The main question is, do players get enjoyment from the decay mechanic. Minecraft for example has no concept of decaying, so it doesn't have to deal with this and maybe a switch to deactivate the decay mechanic completely (currently you can extend the duration by 10x which would result in some foods be available for months before going bad) would end in the same results => player not having to worry about decaying food. As i see it it is a que
  10. As i tried using a separate .dll. As a standard library it only causes conflicts, that may partially be solved by 1.13 but in the end you will still end up with different versions which may result in version conflicts at runtime. I tried embedding files with git submodules and just dedicate a folder to these files and at the moment it looks quite good. Updating can happen via a normal git pull, followed by a commit in the mod repo. As long as not every mod gets separate app-domains so different libraries don't clash i would favor separate files embedded via git (or copy pasted if you don't lik
  11. Now should work even if the server does not have the foundation mod. I embedded it to avoid unnecessary conflicts.
  12. Because currently library mods do not work independent where deployed. I decided to embed the dependencies to make the mod standalone again.
  13. I think it is quite inconsistent to make this behavior dependent on the last person who touched the container. I am not sure how spoilage is currently implemented for the player inventory, but i would think that stuff in your inventory should/could be preserved with the offline time, because the player itself vanishes from the world. Everything else is in the world and ticks as it does when player are on the server. However back to the mechanic of items not ticking when the player is offline, there could be a container that freezes when the player is offline (lore background: some magic b
  14. Adds a tooltip to the map for regions that you have prospected. This mod is clientside only, no need to install it on the server. Add files to mod folder -> done! Now when you prospected a region the latest info gets displayed on the map ("M"). SourceCode: https://github.com/p3t3rix/VsProspectorInfo 1.0: initial release 1.1: embedded dependency to allow mod to work even if the library mod is not installed on the server. 2.0: Updated to VintageStory 1.13.1 For VS-1.12: ProspectorInfo-1.1.0.zip For VS-1.13.1: ProspectorInfo-2
  15. No it is not possible as far as i know because it adds an additional block to the game. as well as an recipe. @Julius van Vern
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