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  1. The overuse idea is not really good from my perspective since players need to use resources at first and since there is not much to do in the game right now the corruption/warp/etc. won't progress. So passive environment worsening is more preferred from my perspective. The competition for resources is also not relevant since resources are everywhere in the game. to make it work the ore overhaul is required. My idea is that its getting harder and harder to get the same resources since environment is getting worse. And it will require more cooperation and equipment to achieve the same resu
  2. Right now the game endgame is quite close from start: you make steel and some automation. The rest game is just building fancy buildings. But we already have that kind of game (MC). Also game lacks multiplayer experience it's just single player on shared map but people tend go live and build alone. My suggestion is to increase survival aspect of the game by utilizing temporal mechanics more. Right now we have unstable zones and temporal storms. I suggest that each day all map slowly decreases its stability and regions that go below some point goes into permanent temporal storm that gets w
  3. Just speaking of hardcore death punishment. Me and my fellas are playing VS at Saturdays and Sundays. And I've made a death punishment mod specifically for it. On one setting it bans the player form server in other it makes him a spectator till the rest of the day's round. Unfortunately due to API limitations I couldn't do it the proper way.
  4. If i do so it says that player is on the way. So jumping is to temporary move player away
  5. If it is only about digging 2-3 blocks. Soil tend to fall. so you have to dig more.
  6. I've faced a problem. The edges of the middle part are very thin and its very tricky and dangerous to place another middle part while standing on previous. (I had to stay on the very edge and jump a lot to hit the proper pixel)Is there something that can be done?
  7. For me it feels tedious to dig a huge hole in the soil or gravel to get to the single stone block to propick it. As i know in real life geologists examine and break loose stones found on the ground to get the general impression of what they can find under the ground without actually digging. I think it would be nice to get that ability in the game. Like you use propick on a loose stone(or three) and it gives you some less precise info about possible ores in the chunk. Or even better loose stones can be just included in the list of blocks that can be propicked with the first mode.
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