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  1. Not at the moment. I just lock him in my base if I want him to stay. At some point I'll convert it to a full mod so that I can add new behaviors. "Stay" will be the first one I'll add
  2. I'll look at adding your goblin idea in the next version.
  3. He doesn't need to be fed. But, sometimes he will eat some raw meat if you drop it at his feet.
  4. Wolfie was with me when my 2 extras appeared. I was in newly generated chunks. It will be interesting to see if the new version 1.0.34 fixes this.
  5. Version 1.0.34 - the Golden Wolf will fight to remain the only one - new howling sound if another Golden Wolf is near - modified spawn settings (again) to ensure one Golden Wolf (hopefully) Golden Wolf v1.0.34.zip
  6. Now I've got 3. The first time I've had more than 1. I was running with Wolfie into new chunks in the NE. I didn't think it could happen in this situation. But, I have a theory! Let's see if the next version fixes this problem.
  7. Allows Bushmeat to be used as an ingredient in meals. Bushmeat Meals v1.0.6.zip
  8. Have you been travelling long distances? Like, over 1000 blocks? I suspect it may be happening in those situations. Maybe I could make them fight each other until there was only 1 left. He'd be pretty beat up after the fight, though. What do you think of that idea?
  9. Version 1.0.33 - now sleeps on the grass mat - tweaked priorities to fix some strange behaviour! - tweaked spawn settings a tiny bit Golden Wolf v1.0.33.zip
  10. If you leave GW behind and travel far enough away so that his location is no longer on the world map, I think the count of GWs in the world drops to zero and there's a chance that a new one will spawn.
  11. Awww, mate. So sorry. I know how you feel
  12. Oh dear. Did you think his clones may be appearing in distant new chunks?
  13. What was the first version of GW that you installed on that world?
  14. Version 1.0.32 - new excited sound when chasing hares - new sound when chasing chickens - only eats chickens when hungry - eats meat (not very often, and new chewing sound doesn't seem to be working) - added a grass mat (but he won't sleep on it for some reason) Golden Wolf v1.0.32.zip
  15. He heals slowly over time. About 1 health point every 100 seconds or so. I'm not sure yet if eating makes a difference to his healing.
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