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  1. New Version 1.0.3 - added higher-res texture
  2. New Version 0.3.2 - fixed the Mallet so that can't be used for smithing - added Russian translation (Thanks @Evil Toaster) - added German translation (Thanks @Kiava)
  3. Oh dear I'd better fix that!
  4. The Golden Wolf still works fine with the latest releases of Vintage Story
  5. New Version 1.0.7 - fixed gravity damage problem on stick bridges @Kai Effelsberg @l33tmaan @Tech_Rabbit
  6. @Tech_Rabbit @l33tmaan I was able to duplicate the problem. It's only happening on stick bridges 4 blocks or more above the ground. The more time you spend on the bridge the more damage you take. After a lot of tests I found a fix. I made the collision box the same as the wood bridges. Not sure why, but it seems to work. New version up shortly.
  7. @Tech_Rabbit @l33tmaan Does the direction of the bridge make any difference? Also, how high above ground was the bridge? Could you post a screenshot of the bridge setup.
  8. @Tech_Rabbit Yikes. That's never happened to me. Can you tell me how to duplicate the problem?
  9. New Version 0.3.1 - Acorns can now be fed to pigs (Thanks for the suggestion, @DancingHoskuld) Note - fresh and dry acorns can be added to a large trough - fresh acorns will continue to dry out in a trough (takes a day) - fresh acorns can't be added to a trough containing dry acorns (and vice versa)
  10. @DancingHoskuld That's a great idea
  11. New Version 1.0.6 - increased collision height (similar to fences) @l33tmaan - removed undocumented grass variation
  12. New Version 1.0.5 - added Portuguese translation (Thanks @xCoiotex) - added Russian translation (Thanks @Digitalr) - added changelog
  13. Wow. I haven't heard of that problem before. I only use single-player. There may be some server related weirdness at work there.
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