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  1. Just need to add that I had to make the same change to serversettings.json as well. The client side only mods were loading the others were marked as disabled per the log file even though they indicated being enabled in the GUI.
  2. Environment: VS 1.14.5 on Windows 10 Problem: Due to disk space issues I moved my AppData/Roaming directory to another drive using Win10's folder location setting and let Windows move all the data. While all of my save data and other settings are fine the mod path setting is not updated to the new location (see ModManger-pre-edit.png). Clicking on the "Open Mods Folder" in Mod Manager does open the correct folder and the mods are present (modsfolder.png). I looked at clientsettings.json and found that the modPath is not updated and still points to the old directory: "modPaths"
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