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  1. Just need to add that I had to make the same change to serversettings.json as well. The client side only mods were loading the others were marked as disabled per the log file even though they indicated being enabled in the GUI.
  2. Environment: VS 1.14.5 on Windows 10 Problem: Due to disk space issues I moved my AppData/Roaming directory to another drive using Win10's folder location setting and let Windows move all the data. While all of my save data and other settings are fine the mod path setting is not updated to the new location (see ModManger-pre-edit.png). Clicking on the "Open Mods Folder" in Mod Manager does open the correct folder and the mods are present (modsfolder.png). I looked at clientsettings.json and found that the modPath is not updated and still points to the old directory: "modPaths": [ "Mods", "C:\\Users\\XXXXX\\AppData\\Roaming\\VintagestoryData\\Mods" ], Work around performed: Shut down VS. Edited the clientsettings.json file and changed the value of modPaths to the correct location under the moved AppData/Roaming location: "modPaths": [ "Mods", "D:\\XXXXX\\AppData\\Roaming\\VintagestoryData\\Mods" ], Restarted VS. The game client then picked up the mods correctly and seems to be working fine. Desired behavior: Provide the user with an editable save data location and make modPaths follow that setting. This would be my preference but that may break Windows' conformance crap. or Change the way modPaths is set to use the system location for %AppData%\\Roaming so that a move of the folder are followed correctly. *I'm not a coder and these are just my thoughts, there are probably better ways to fix it!* Thanks for creating such a great game!
  3. It does have a unique color on the map... it's also easy to spot if you see an exposed side. It has a golden, kind of metalic glint in the stripe.
  4. IMHO the rarity of bees is quite off putting of the entire game experience. All of the good lighting requires bee products and quite a bit of them. I have fat coming out the ears, mainly from the incessant war of the wolves I seem to be waging. The processing @redram mentioned would be awesome right now. I can't run around with my volume all the way up; one, I shouldn't have to, two, it's inconsiderate of the rest of my family to do so... three, I don't need hearing loss caused by the other sounds in the game when I have my earbuds in and the sound turned up (see #2 and Tinnitus sucks kids, take care of your ears). I've gotten frustrated enough to play with the bees in creative mode, just so I could understand what I might be looking for (and to see how they work, I like the processes btw). I dunno, may be my seeds sucks, I have only found one crop of soy, that was early on and I didn't know of the significance. Again, it shouldn't be so rare that a poor seed destroys a world you're already invested in. Don't get me wrong, I love TFC, so taking the long route to get somewhere isn't the issue, but there should be mechanics to use/progress to in order to overcome the obstacles. The RNG gods are merciless and there is a difference between rare and extinct. Bees might as well be extinct. If it wasn't for the graveyard mod I would have given up on the first of the week worth of nights I've been walking. @Tyron, frustration is not enjoyable, please fix this. How about making some flower an indicator... as in the flower doesn't spawn unless a beehive has spawned first. Make the general noise louder? They do make a racket if they are buzzing you for an attack. Expand the spawning conditions a bit. There seems to be a very specific spawn condition that is all to easily sacrificed to RNG. RNG sucks as a game mechanic, don't depend on it to do the right thing, because it won't (it's a trap!). If I didn't like the game so much, I wouldn't have posted this, I would've just deleted it. But this game has potential, so I'll stick with it, I want to see where it goes. But tonight... I'm cheating in a skep.. I'll even toss out the 12 beenades I have found in my adventures... hey, there's another option, a recipe to turn those into skeps? Fix the bees, don't let them be the downfall of something with this much potential.
  5. /*drops off hand torch on ground/* No, nothing in my hands! Seems to be working fine!
  6. Ok, went ahead and did the update with the item juggle. On version 1.7.2 with CarryCapacity-0.4.0-rc.2 installed. From your repo notes it seems we need to install Carry Capacity separately now? I have a new issue, breaking chests destroys the chest and returns nothing (MP server environment, not tested in SP). Contained items do drop though. Is this intended? There isn't anything in the server logs about it. MP Server / Windows clients VS 1.9.6 Neolithic 1.7.2 CarryCapacity 0.4.0-rc.2 Graveyard 1.1.3 WaypointUtils 1.0.17
  7. I have this installed with latest version (1.7.2) of Neolithic on VS 1.9.6 and the carry action will not work on anything. This is on an MP server, all players are seeing the issue. Also, some things show multiple lines of the action hint:
  8. Do you want bug reports here? It doesn't look lit your Git repo is set up for them. Updating from ver. 1.6.9 to 1.6.12 broke all of the Neolithic chests. All of them turned into the unknown "?" block. Vanilla reed baskets were fine. VS 1.9.6 (updated from 1.9.3) OS: Linux with Mono Other mods: 1.9.6-WaypointUtils-1.0.17 Graveyard-1.1.3
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