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  1. I just started playing and I don't understand how anyone could have much difficulty finding things to do during the night. Even on day one there is so much cattail root cooking and pottery that needs to be done that I often don't feel like I have *enough* night time. Once you have a pick and some waypoints, it's easy to spend a whole night mining out an ore vein. Once you have oil lamps and fences, your whole base is available for anything you want to accomplish at night. Survival games are about time management. If you know what you need to do and when you can get it done, it's not difficult to line up your activities to keep yourself busy 24/7. Coming from The Long Dark and only recently picking up Minecraft and Vintage Story, it seems a little weird that sleep isn't a survival requirement in either game, but I guess that's because they are multiplayer.
  2. If cooking in a pot is going to work, it will show some text declaring the name of the meal and how many servings will be produced when it's done. If you don't see that text, cooking isn't going to work.
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