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  1. Is there a way to turn this off?
  2. Finally got the barrel of resin to cure! I had to break the barrel in order to get the resin to drop, which is kind of what I expected.
  3. So I just double checked my version and noticed that I was one version behind on the mod. So I updated, reloaded, and the issue went away. I can't wait until there's a way to check for new mod versions in game!
  4. OK, so I just tried putting a cooking pot on a fire then left clicking the bucket over one of the cooking slots and the nugget came out. I couldn't get it to do that in the crafting window though nor in an inventory container like a chest.
  5. Left click just picks up the bucket then puts it down. So let me try and clear up some confusion. You are able to get the resin from the bucket and turn it into one of the resin nuggets right?
  6. @jakecool19 Just an FYI, I noticed last night that I was unable to craft an iron pickaxe. So I went through every mod turning it on and off. When I came turned on this mod that's when it broke. So I think something is conflicting with the crafting. Can you or someone else verify this?
  7. I feel like we may be mixed up. I'm expecting something like this:
  8. Nope. Can't pour it out. Can't put it in any containers that I know of. Breaking the bucket does nothing either. It's just a bucket that says it has "0.1 liters of resin"
  9. So I thought "fresh resin" was the liquid form. When it cures into "resin" I thought it would turn into the same item you can harvest from the side of pine trees? But I'm guessing you're saying we can just use "resin" from the bucket for constructing gears and such?
  10. @l33tmaan Hey quick question. One of my pine buckets actually has resin in it. So how exactly do you extract it from the bucket>
  11. OK I think you got me on the path I want to be on. I have the game running and the trampoline block in game and it's working. After going through this I feel my biggest issues are the Visual Studio dev environment. I'm so used to banging away with compiled languages like Python that I get confused when having to consider all the things required for C programming in VS. I'm sure I'm going to continue having issues with it, but for now I know how to get some code working in the game via VS. Thanks a megaton for this too!
  12. You can use the spile from this mode and plug it into a pine tree and place a bucket below it to gather "soft resin". That soft resin should eventually turn into the same resin you get from the side of pine trees. I have yet to see that happen in game as l33tmaan set the curing time to something like 6 in game months. I've just been tweaking the times in the json to try and witness the soft resin turn into hard resin.
  13. I guess that makes sense. Only newly generated "soft resin" would be affected after changing the json file.
  14. Hmm. Another question, when does the timer actually start? Maybe changing the time in the json isn't affecting resin that's already been harvested?
  15. @l33tmaan Just an FYI. I reduced the cure time for the soft resin down to 10 hours to test it. Nothing really happened after a few days. If I'm storing the "fresh resin" in a barrel. How exactly does it come out? Is it supposed to turn into "resin" and put itself in the barrels inventory slot?
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