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  1. I've checked the code, and the items on the trader are not season-dependent. It's really random, besides maybe some function to sell more of items that were out of stock when the change interval is over. If you like code diving: https://github.com/anegostudios/vssurvivalmod/blob/ae1a6474b0f0cb1b88d411d3e28106ab3a5c6527/Systems/Trading/EntityTrader.cs#L242
  2. Hello copygirl! I like this mod a lot. A question: do you think it's possible to set this mod with a player speed of 1.3x of current speed only when doing a step, clientside? Or does it need to be serverside? I say this bc I kinda explained on Discord why the stepup feels "slow" even with stairs and ladders (you walk the hypotenuse, roughly, not the block itself). This is the basic explanation. If you think it's easy, I would love to see that in the mod.
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