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  1. Thanks for the update and feedback! Oh yeah, that ability would be very costly to make, performance-wise. I know you could use some of the code or mechanics @Melchior uses in Automap mod (he registers repaired translocators in metadata), or at least mimic it. You can always save the chunk info in a table or something (encrypted, imo), so you wouldn't need to run that check every time someone is in that chunk. Something for the future, maybe, if you want to implement.
  2. @Xandu, I've been playing on a server with that mod (RabbitTech) And I would like to make a suggestion: - Make shears on leaves count as xp for Forestry area. - An ability that increases the chance of having crystallized ore (Crystal Seeker). - An endgame ability around the temporal stability that makes a sound if you enter a chunk with a broken translocator (Translocator Affinity).
  3. Finding beautiful landscapes. In VS we have many since 1.9. I love that; Rare loot: pumpkin seeds, cabbage seeds, rare vessels, rare paintings; Stone types: after I get comfortable with food and metals, I start to look for different stone types to make custom buildings, or even to choose another place to build with a theme. Trees; animals; different food (I'll be very happy when fruit trees come into the game); To find translocators: that's fairly new, but it helps a lot to reach new destinations or shorten some way. Very much useful since we don't have fast transport m
  4. + Rainbow when there is sun and rain.
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