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  1. Ahhh, okay we did this and it seems to be running fine, i kinda feel a litle stupid now but thanks for clarifying that ^•^
  2. Im using Vintage Story Ver : 1.14.10 and trade-o-mat 1.15-pre.1:
  3. friends hosting a single player game opened to internet play with friends, all of us have this mod installed and getting the following errors 1 - When using the trado-mat [crate kind] when used seemed to make a duplicate/ghost item when placed into a slot that does not keep the item sold or the item to be used as payment listed. 2 - when using the Trade o mat and trade o rug when placeing the item in the slot or shift right clicking the stall to set the sell of the items the game crashes, have the errors if you want me to pass along, its prity consistant in its replication
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