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  1. If not already known, i found a bug with cooked eggs. I found 3 forgotten cooked eggs in my campfire. Already spoiled to 99%. picked them up to toss them in a barrel for compost later. my server went crazy, console output all red with some object error. had to stop and disable the mod and then the three eggs. after reanableing everything was back to normal.
  2. Sry, i thought if i just mention carrycapacity it would be clear, that i meant, that picking up chests would not work... my failure
  3. works fine on my server/client. it's a bummer but your chests aren't working with the carrycapacity mod... definitely not hoping for more chest-backpack storage
  4. Not that important. While testing left and right hand were free of items.
  5. Found another bug. With the mod active client/server, straw dummys aren't pickupable anymore.
  6. Got an error where only one of two death wp in floaty view was visible (nothing else). My workaround, type in chat /waypoint list -> then via /waypoint remove ID -> remove all death entrys then the floaty wp return edit: wrong chat command
  7. Hi. I am running my own dedicated server with your mod. Today i updated to the latetest version 1.12.9. There is an error while starting the server. 13:10:51 [Server Error] Patch 5 in carrycapacity:patches/carryable.json failed because supplied path /behaviors/- is inv alid: The json path /behaviors/- was not found. No such element 'behaviors' at the root path Found out that the new version changed the behavior section of storagevessel. They are no longer carryable with the mod. Hope this helps. Belcas
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