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Why do I keep getting a Nightmare Drifter spawning in my bedroom (and killing me) each night? (Version 1.17.11)

Dogfood Devin

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So for context I am living in some Ruins currently and it has a staircase down into this room (my bedroom, see picture) as well as this separate underground area that you access via a ladder (not connected to my room at all). I've placed 4 torches and a lantern in my room, I blocked the entry point and placed a Wooden Door to get in, and yet I keep getting a Nightmare Drifter spawning every single time!!

I am using a few mods, nothing that affects Drifters though? I think the ruins I'm in might be from the Better Ruins mod, and I have two mods related to temporal stuff (Temporal Tinkerer and Translocator Engineering) so just because they're weird maybe one of them is affecting this? The main reason it's annoying is A.) Immersion Breaking, but also B.) I'm using xSkills and it keeps draining my XP! Very frustrating and I don't know what I'm doing wrong in the slightest.

I've attached a picture below, my bedroom just has one torch on each wall and is an 8x8x4 (length, width, height) as well as the lamp in the center of the room. Any help is greatly appreciated!

Screenshot (118).png

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First question: When you stay in your room does it play the above ground music, or the cave music?

Second question: What kind of music did it play just outside your room and did it stop abruptly when you entered your room?

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