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v1.18.0-rc.3-5 Lore Update: The Resonance Archives


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Dear Extraordinary Survivalists
v1.18.0-rc.3, a release candidate, can now be downloaded through the account manager (section "Other Goodies").

More bugs fixed. Stable release Soon™
[Edit:] Also released rc4/rc5 to fix tongs.

Screenshot by Cophie on disocrd

Game updates

  • Feature: Large amount of seraph clothing added (creative inventory only, for now)
  • Tweak: /autosavenow command: can now be run from server console
  • Tweak: /time add command: now accepts spans in the plural as well e.g. /time add 2 hours
  • Tweak: Added coyote timer to player jumps
  • Tweak: Improve FPS with many falling blocks, maybe improvements for all entities
  • Tweak: Small creatures should now no longer trigger falling block avalanches
  • Tweak/Fixed: Added "sudo sysctl -w vm.max_map_count=262144" to install.sh to fix RAM issues on Linux
  • Fixed: Should fix HUD going invisible on MacOS \o/
  • Fixed: Player stepping sound spam when other player stand on some blocks
  • Fixed: Should fix players sometimes spawning inside blocks in new worlds
  • Fixed: Missing/Incorrect translation entries
  • Fixed: Modloader asking players to download missing dependencies on disabled mods
  • Fixed: Wrong crafting texts on the barrel dialog
  • Fixed: Creativegrass listed in the survival handbook
  • Fixed: Some privileges being listed twice in serverconfig.json
  • Fixed: Extremely old bug in world generation where a jarring climate edge generates near world borders
  • Fixed: Snow accumulation (based on RainHeightMap) wrong if chiseled block atop another chiseled block
  • Fixed: Player affected by wind while indoors with doors or leaded glass
  • Fixed: Mitigate rendering issues with tallgrass against other blocks
  • Fixed: Wrong coords from .copy posi
  • Fixed: Crash in Creative mode if a still water block was placed in a barrel
  • Fixed: Pink glass not coloring lantern light
  • Fixed: Game crashing when displaying empty text links
  • 1.18 related changes
    • Tweak: More work on still unanounced gadgetry (Added electrum alloy.  Jonas devices now require electrum plates, rather than gold plates.  Locust nests now have a small chance to drop Jonas parts.  Moved night vision device from hat slot to armor head slot)
    • Tweak: Performance: greatly improve tesselation time for 1.18 chiseled blocks, fixes block lag in Resonance Archives
    • Tweak: Tongs are now tool-rackable and lean-able.
    • Tweak: Reduce max glider speed, mitigate dying from using the glider issues
    • Fixed: Knapping flint for a knife should only produce one knife-blade like the other stone types
    • Fixed: Door state syncing issues in multiplayer
    • Fixed: /emote and /announce  chat command missing privilege
    • Fixed: /we ms and /we me sometimes not printing the position in chat
    • Fixed: Crash when trying to mine an invalid block, of which there are some in translocator rooms
    • Fixed: Teleporters spamming exceptions in the logs when they are not linked
    • Fixed: Doors in 1.18 now interact properly with liquids: doors can be placed in liquids; solid doors block water flow on the closed (sealed) side; opening or closing a door triggers a neighbour update across the whole (multiblock) surface of the door
    • Fixed: Fixed an issue with treasure hunter dialogue
    • Fixed: Some server-side exceptions related to worldgen
    • Fixed: Server-side exception related to entity spawner blocks
    • Fixed: Missing bits&bobs on the First Steps tutorial
    • Fixed: Issues with text wrapping in some areas, probably broke more stuff
    • Fixed: Omok placement grid off by one voxel
  • Api Tweak: Dialogue system item requests are now more tolerant to spoilage and durability (and now accepts food)
  • Api Tweak: Added field TextCommandResult.MessageParams for formatted results

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