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1.18 flatlands?


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May be i just not lucky, but i can't find flat areas in 1.18 worlds :(

I want to create world with 50% land coverage and 75% scale. Many water and big islands. But all generated terrain are wery rough - tiny hills (~7-10 block wide and 7-10 block high), tiny ravines e.t.c. It is, literally, very hard to find relatively flat spot more then 25 blocks wide. Especially near water.

I checked map around spawn point (up to 4000 blocks away), but still not find anything like old 1.17 plains. Only hills, mountains and noisy landscape :(

May be it is a bug. But, may be, i just use wrong settings in worldgen.

Dies anyone experienced same problems?

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I use default settings and find it pretty easy to find a sufficient spot. True, the Great Plains seem to be much more scarce, but somewhere to place fields 15-20 wide by adding a layer or two of dirt, sure.

For me, it's just the ruggedness of the terrain means I'm covering less than half the distance, so well under a quarter the area. Which translates to finding stuff at around a quarter of the rate of older mapgens.

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