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Griefer name and shame.

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Unfortunately as community is some people just come to be mean and destroy others' fun.
If you have encountered people that just come to grief and cause disturbances
Name their IDs and shame them here so every server owner can ban them. 

{"PlayerUID": "PSX3IBGkNGZdg3od6sHLN8rj", "LastKnownPlayername": "IllIIlIllIlllI"}
{"PlayerUID": "etR1X6fUJ3LOikgKFF31n01u", "LastKnownPlayername": "vulnerableboy"}

These two players came into the server, tried to grief the claimed lands (but couldn't) then settled for killing all animals they could, destroying all bushes and burning down all trees on the unclaimed lands.
They also vandalized the shared building the other players were creating for the community.

Please also add a paragraph stating what they did so others know.

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