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First, welcome!

There are a lot of modded servers. Some open, some invite only.

The real question, whether you want to set up your own server or play on someone else's, is what kind of experience are you looking for? FWIW, I'd start with no more than a few light mods that don't really affect gameplay to get the intended experience. Then one route is finding servers focused around certain mods. There are many servers based on the Primitive Survival mod or the Medieval Expansion mod. There are others that focus heavily on building and design. Maybe look for something with lots of decorative touches like Bricklayers. If you love cooking or crafting, Expanded Foods is a good start. 

But it is really hard to say. I have no idea what your tastes are, and I suspect you don't yet know what you would like changed from a standard world.


By lightly modded, I mean things like Hud Clock, CarryOn, Sortable Storage, StepUp, Buzzwords, maybe Zoom Button - Reborn, maybe one of the several mods that reduce aggression of wolves and bears, maybe one of the waypoint helper mods like Auto Map Markers. Just mods that don't drastically change a lot of stuff. The game is complex enough that you really don't need to make it worse.


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