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This mod adds 3 types of bow to vintagestory which use a rough approximation of historical composite bow construction techniques. It also adds 4 new types of arrow based on late 15th century case hardened arrows.

⦁    Will use vanilla arrows or the new arrows.
⦁    Composite Shortbow - Does about twice as much damage as the vanilla bow.
⦁    Composite Recurve - Does about triple as much damage than vanilla: it will OHK a wolf with a clean short range shot.
⦁    Composite Longbow - Does about four times the vanilla bow. It will OHK anything* with a clean short range shot, and any animal at long distance.
*I didn't actually test nightmare drifters so maybe not _anything_
⦁    The arrows included in the mod can only be made with varieties of bronze or iron.
⦁    Arrows do slightly more damage than vanilla arrows.
⦁    They break slightly more often (should be roughly 40% breakage)
⦁    They craft in 4s so with the arrowhead mold (below) it shouldn't be too onerous to make if you have the materials.
⦁    Arrows can be used with the vanilla bow

Arrow Mold
Clay mold that will create 9 arrowheads at a time.
Target Butte
A decorative shooting target for your archery contests.

Ingredients & Construction
Hide Stock (barrel) - Created by soaking a small hide in water for 24 hours
Limed Hide (barrel) - Created by soaking Hide Stock in Lime Water
Hide Glue (firepit) - Created by cooking Limed Hide in a fire for 60 seconds
Hide Glue Portion (barrel) - Created by combining Hide Glue and water in a barrel
Bow Laminate (unglued) (grid) - Grid crafted with planks, bone and hide pelt (of any size)
Bow Laminate (barrel) - Created by soaking Unglued Bow Laminate in Hide Glue for 8 hours


Bow (grid crafting)
Shortbow requires 4 bow laminate, flax twine, chisel and a saw
Recurve requires 6 bow laminate, flax twine, chisel and a saw
Longbow requires 12 bow laminate, flax twine, chisel and a saw
Arrows (grid crafting)
Arrowhead, stick, feather, honeycomb, flaxtwine and fat



Target Butte (grid crafting)
Grid crafted with linen, hay and plank.



The future:

- If someone who can code would like to work with me I would love to have a bow class with more flexibility so the different bows could have different velocities, draw speeds, aiming qualities, etc.

- I'm also looking for someone who can add some conditionals to both bow and melee weapon damage so we can have modifiers vs. certain enemies (so for example we could give bows bonuses vs. animals so they're great for hunting yet not OP for other combat)

You can check out my VS content at http://vs.usagi.com.au


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Is there a recipie for Hide Stock > Limed Hide? The seal button on a barrel filled with limewater does not activate, and it does not appear in the handbook as an output of the limewater recipie.


*edit* After checking the recipes folder it does not contain a limed hide recipe.

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