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Bees, how do they work?


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So I found bees (not a beehive, it is a tree where I hear and see bees, but no visible beehive) and I'm trying to  move them to a skep.
1. Do they have to build a hive before they move to the skep? I found a similar tree before (hear and see bees, but no beehive) and I tried to find the beehive in the tree, so I carefully removed the leaves and I'm pretty sure I never selected a beehive, but suddenly after breaking some leaves, the leaves dropped honeycomb and I got stung.
2. Do I have to be present (as in the bee chunk is loaded) for the bees to move to the skep? Or does the game compute a time when the bees would have moved and when I return (the bee chunk gets loaded again) the bees will have moved?

(and yes, I placed the skep close to the tree and planted a bunch of flowers)

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Is the sound of bee's an ambient sound or a direct game sound?  Trying to determine which one I need to have at full to search for bees.



So yes, bees are ambient sound.  you don't have to have the main volume up.  It's tougher to hear during rainfall (you'll hear it only 5-6 blocks away).  Had to use the /wgen pos climate command to make sure I was in the correct conditions for a spawn.


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