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The problem I have noticed is that sometimes you spawn underwater.. and If your afk making a coffee or something waiting for the world to load that could be a issue.


When you start out you tend to forage berry bushes and eventually get meat and make stews etc but I been wondering what is all in all the best food to start making?


Can ingots be remelted down into liquid form again so you can use molds?


I figured ingots could of been a form of storage and when you needed a new axe head you'd just melt the ingot down and pour it into a mold.

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- You currently cannot drown; it isn't implemented yet. So being AFK underwater is weird, but not dangerous.

- The best food to eat is the food you have. Maybe not the answer you were looking for, but it's true. :P At the start of the game, you're eating individual food items, and no matter which one you look at, none of them is "good". Only when you start cooking in a claypot, you get into properly good food. And the cooking recipes are somewhat freeform (within boundaries). So again, you can use whatever you have on hand. It's generally more important to look for variety (filling up your four nutrition meters) rather than raw statiation value.

- Yes, early metal ingots can be melted down again if you want to cast a tool. It stops working with iron, though, because (1) iron has too high a melting point for you to be able to get it liquid, and (2) iron tools are forged, not cast.

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50 minutes ago, Melidebby said:

It burns at 1300C is there anything that burns hotter then that?

Not currently.  However be aware that for things like iron and quartz->glass, you use the bloomery.  The bloomery ignores the fuel-based temperature constraints.   It is it's own process block with it's own rules.  For anything you would want to melt in the crucible, any form of coal should work fine.

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