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What is the best way to get ores (Mostly copper)

Jamie Bleasdale

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You won't be able to find copper where all copper has been mined.

Now, if the server has been running for a while with a lot of people on it, chances are that several translocators will have been discovered. These are found in ruins all over the world, and basically let you teleport long distances once they have been repaired (which takes some uncommon materials). Often, the players on the server will work together to track and document which translocator leads where.

I recommend asking your fellow players about translocators. If they can point you to a known translocator route that leads to an area where very few people have explored or settled, you can build your base over there. You'll have the advantage of unexploited resources around you while still having a connection back to where everyone else is, so you can visit or be visited.

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