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Removing a Trader


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Since my Question on Discord goes unanswered and the search function yields nothing (although i might just be using the wrong search words)...

How do i remove a Trader, including his Cart and the Claim?
I am Building a rather... big project and a Trader is in the way.
Moving the Project is not possible (first of all, i'm doing it in Survival and i have already invested a few hundred hours but there are more reasons)

I hope the question catches the eyes of some knowledgeable Person who may enlighten me.
And by all means, do treat me like an Idiot while explaining. That would probably safe a lot of sidequestioning. (since my world-edit experience is non-existent)

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I unfortunately don't know the specific commands, but the general idea is you have to go into a certain mode where you can see the individual ids of each trader, and then you have to do some sort of /entity remove command, and use the id of the specific trader you want to remove.   I'd check the server command list - there's an entity removebytype, and I forget if that one does it the id as the argument.  If you use that command with just 'trader' it'll remove all traders currently loaded, I think.  So make sure to use the trader's id.

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To remove the trader you need 2 things.


.clientConfig showEntityDebuginfo

This will show you the trader entityid. Then you do


/entity removebyid entityid


And regarding removing the claim, I think thats actually missing right now 😮
[Edit:] Added the command /land
adminfreehere to remedy that.

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