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The 100 small tweaks&features update (v1.14.0-pre.1)


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Dear Feature-Rich Community
v1.14.0-pre.1, a preview release, can now be downloaded through the account manager (section "Other Goodies").

We wanted to dedicate this update to the endless list of small-ish ideas that have accumulated over time and never got the chance to properly implement. As usual, we only got about half way through our list 😄

Please notice
1. This is an unfinished update, mostly intended for modders and very adventurous players. You will encounter major bugs, incomplete features, performance issues and crashes.
2. New "pre" updates will only be posted in discord #news and not on the blog. A new v1.14 blog post will come when the first release candidate is ready.

Until v1.14-rc.1 we still hope to add

  • Steel age (~50% completed)
  • Finished character classes and seraph skin customization's
  • Updated ruins with detailing blocks and containing mossy and lichen covered blocks
  • Meteoric iron armor set
  • Maybe some fish (no fishing mechanic yet though, sorry!)
  • More body temperature addition

Screenshots and Videos

Player Character Skin Customizer (and later character classes/traits. Very unfinished!)

Cheesemaking: You can now milk Ewes, curdle milk, and age cheese0-cheesemaking.thumb.png.47b85392eb7fb4cbba5276dfef161c43.png

Meteoric iron working: Iron tier, but 20% better!

Iron Anvil crafting: Required to work meteoric iron and upcoming steel ingots0-ironanvilcrafting.thumb.png.951091e55fcd09878724ca937136904c.png

Animated container lids: You've never opened a chest so smoothly

Scrap weapons: Emergency underground weaponry made from scrap metal

2 new, rare, deep underground creatures
The bell - it's alarm is guaranteed to strike fear into any unsuspecting spelunker. Tread quitely.
The Sawblade Locust - cut's through armor like butter

Tapestry lore texts. Be aware of the gong.

Useful bony soil: Panning through piles of bones has never been so much fun \o/

A mold rack: Elegant and convenient tool mold storage

Body Temperature System: Makes your screen all icy and shivery when cold

New building blocks: Mossy and Lichen covered stone, 2 new glass colors, bipedal bony remains

Improved scythe: Now harvests more stuff and has a better first person interaction

Nicer inventory icon for work items


All Game updates

  • Feature: Cheese making
    • Added dairy nutrition bar for another +2.5 hp bonus
    • Female bighorn sheep can now be milked daily with a bucket, for up to 21 days after giving birth. Be aware though, before generation 3 they will become aggressive when attempting to milk them
    • Milk can be turned into curdled milk in the barrel by adding a pickled vegetable for the starter enzymes
    • Curdled milk can be turned into cottage cheese by adding salt in the barrel
    • Take 25 liters of cottage cheese from the barrel with a piece of linen to turn it into a curd bundle. Place it on the ground, add a stick, then twist the curd bundle to squeeze out the whey. Right click again to open it, to reveal raw cheese
    • Salt your raw cheese, optionally apply wax for greater freshness
    • Raw cheese must be placed on shelves in a cellar to ripen it. Rumor has it that certain conditions even allows the growth of edible cheese molds.
    • Ripe cheese is place-able and can be sliced with a knife for direct consumption
  • Feature: Added meteoric iron working, tools made from meteoric iron are roughly 20% better than normal iron. Must however be worked on an iron anvil. All metal tools now have a meteoric iron variant.
  • Feature: Iron anvil crafting. Can now smith iron anvil halves, then place and combine them on the ground with flux + hammering
  • Feature: Containers now have animated lids (the chest, vessel and basket)
  • Feature: Can now craft 4 types of scrap weapons, randomly selected when using a scrap weapon kit, which is now craft-able from 1x rope, 1x stick and 1x scrap metal
  • Feature: Added bell creature. A rare deep augment that sounds an alarm if a player is nearby, which attracts drifters and locusts to that location.
  • Feature: Added sawblade locust as an extra tough rare deep spawn with special drops
  • Feature: More lore texts. Looking at a completed tapestry on the wall now unveils a new snippet of lore, added to the Journal
  • Feature: Bony soil is now pannable, comes with a unique set of rare drops.
  • Feature: Added a mold rack block - convenient tool mold storage
  • Feature: Added first version of a body temperature mechanic
    • Has no health or stats impact on the player for now
    • It does however add a frost overlay onto the screen and make the player shiver. (No effect yet when too hot)
    • Added a body temperature display on the character stats dialog
    • You'll get cold from: Being wet (from rain or swimming. Player needs 1 in-game hour to dry), temperatures below 10°C, Outside wind speed
    • But also get warm from: Sleeping under cover (ideally in a room), being close to a burning fire, fire pit or lava, being inside a room
  • Feature: New building blocks
    • Added mossy and lichen covered block variants for cobblestone, polished rock and stone brick (will be added to ruins)
    • Added non-decaying animal carcasses, added 2 human carcasses
  • Feature: Improved scythe tool. Can now also harvest cattails and horsetails and has a new sound and breaking animation
  • Feature: Quartz crystal updates
    • Can be crushed into quartz chunks which can be smelted into colored glass
    • Added 2 new glass colors for that: Smoky and Pink
    • When blown up, no longer disappear but drop quartz chunks instead
  • Feature: Prettier work items. Ingots which are currently being worked on the anvil longer have a generic texture but show the actual smithed voxels so far, when held in hands, on the ground or when placed on the forge
  • Feature: The creative inventory can be controlled through keyboard alone now (use CTRL+F to instantly search the creative inventory, hit tab twice to focus the slot grid, use cursor keys to select slot, hit enter to retrieve a stack)
  • Feature: Thrown items are now affected by the wind (but projectiles are excluded from this)
  • Feature: Added /weather stoprain. Fast-Forwards only the rain simulation to a point where there is no rain.
  • Feature: /weather setprecip [value] is now savegame persistent. Can now query the current value with /weather setprecip
  • Tweak: Force the use of TLS 1.2 when connecting to the auth or master server
  • Tweak: Renamed clay pot to cooking pot
  • Tweak: Should make modmaker work on linux, but untested
  • Tweak: Grown mushrooms now disappear when its gets below 2°C
  • Tweak: Spider webs are now halftransparent
  • Tweak: Collapsed chests are now with a moldy texture
  • Tweak: Added run.sh to linux builds. Removed .sh files from windows builds.
  • Tweak: Added server config PassTimeWhenEmpty. When set to true, then the game calendar will keep progressing even when no player is online
  • Tweak: Increased sound slider length so that its at least less fiddly to set the music volume to 2-10% as it generally is too loud in the game
  • Tweak: Added command /whenwillitstopraining
  • Tweak: Added more logging to track down significant game startup delay for some users
  • Tweak: Added a slightly hacky specular reflection occlusion system so that specular reflections from sunlight are hidden when the sun is hidden. Needs some cleanup.
  • Tweak: Should fix armor stands still interactable in claimed areas
  • Tweak: Updated trader buying/sellings lists (artisan trader now sells some tapestry)
  • Tweak: Chutes several bugfixes and add smarter placement
  • Tweak: Disallow creation of small pelts, since they have no use right now
  • Tweak: Some more tweaks to the rain simulation
  • Tweak: Reduced the overall size of the moon
  • Tweak: Mitigate a bug where a game/pc crash would wipe all client settings
  • Tweak: Changed default month length from 12 to 9 in-game days
  • Tweak: Fixed honeycomb to large on the shelf and the lead ingot not shelvable. Made rawbrick, resin, shingle and stonebricks shelvable
  • Tweak: All the linen types can now be used for crafting
  • Tweak: Sign text is more readable now
  • Tweak: Added Etho Slab block. A must have for every voxel game.
  • Tweak: Trader dialog issue when opening 2 trade dialogs of the same trader type
  • Tweak: Vines can now also in colder, wet climates
  • Tweak: Beehives should update their status info (e.g. flower count) a bit more swiftly
  • Tweak: Malachite can now spawn closer to the surface and spawn surface nuggets
  • Tweak: A bit more feedback from the masterserver register failure
  • Tweak: A lore piece that does not contain new texts is no longer consumed. Fixed the writing sound not playing.
  • Tweak: The lock/unlock mouse cursor key bound to Alt is no longer hardcoded and can now be rebound in the controls
  • Tweak: The .online command now shows the ping roundtime of all players. (Disclaimer: Not sure if the info is accurate)
  • Tweak: /group info [groupname] should now work and list the players of a group
  • Tweak: Added command "/land adminfreehere" to free a single claimed area by a player or trader at given location
  • Tweak: Animals swim slightly faster in water
  • Tweak: Correct collision/selection box size for the owl and golden chest
  • Tweak: Lighter chest open/close sound for the owl and gold chest
  • Tweak: non smooth texture zoom on barrel contents bar
  • Tweak: The ported archimedes screw can now also spit out items when fed items from below
  • Tweak: Held torch now go out when you go swimming with them
  • Tweak: Made anvil smithing grid overlay more visible
  • Tweak: Locust cages now drop some resources upon breaking them
  • Tweak: Should avoid the propick crashing the game if a wrong /worldconfig value was set
  • Tweak: Picking up mannequin now works with sneak+right click, instead of plain right click
  • Fixed: Archimedes screw recipe required uncraftable sheets instead of plates
  • Fixed: Lightning sounds were not considered weather sounds
  • Fixed: "Deprived of light, might die soon" info on dead creatures
  • Fixed: Querns not autogrinding in some cases
  • Fixed: Chopping a tree with a harvested resin log did not break the full tree
  • Fixed: Not able to make a pure mushroom stew
  • Fixed: Should fix a crash in /we mclear
  • Fixed: Hopefully reduced the "incorrect srgb profile" error log spam on linux
  • Fixed: Various issues with world edit when operating on chiseled blocks
  • Fixed: Might fix that one second of rain before chunks are loaded on startup
  • Fixed: WQPs chisel block crashes due to incorrect use of a command
  • Fixed: Pouring portions out from a cooking pot left a 0 serving meal inside
  • Fixed: Should fix terrain flicker when getting out of bed
  • Fixed: Might fix rendering issues around the moon when SSAO is enabled
  • Fixed: Game crashing when going negative coordinates
  • Fixed: Search text cleared from public server list but still filtered after search text when leaving and re-entering the screen
  • Fixed: Some blocks in the handbook not grouped
  • Fixed: Kick message had the names reversed
  • Fixed: setting ".clientconfig guiScale" did not properly update all UI
  • Fixed: Sun rising in the south instead of east
  • Fixed: Again fixed /time calendarspeedmul still being saved >.>
  • Fixed: Ported Archimedes screw recipe not in the handbook
  • Fixed: At long last, fixed that the Alt+F3 debug screen disappears when entering and leaving the graphics settings
  • Fixed: Should fix a rare hard server crash in the autosave feature, and hopefully breaks nothing else >.>
  • Fixed: Newly spawned creatures were immune to the first attack
  • Fixed: The winter extra hunger drain was applied inversely and way to much (+100% hunger when inside a room. Now +25% when outside a room)

API Updates

  • Feature: Added api.World.BlockAccessor.GetWindSpeedAt() and api.Event.OnGetWindSpeed
  • Feature: New block event - Block.OnBeingLookedAt(). Called on client and server when a player looks at a block
  • Feature: New client side event "IsPlayerReady". The survival mode subscribes to this event to return false if the character has not been selected yet. Then later calls the new method capi.Network.SendPlayerNowReady(). Consequently removed player.WorldData.DidSelectSkin propery.
  • Feature: Added IServerPlayer.SetRole, .SetModdata, .RemoveModData and .GetModData for convenient per-player mod data storage
  • Tweak: Unlock all 6 smithing recipe layers
  • Tweak: Moved Block.ParticleProperties to Collectible.ParticleProperties. This way items can now also emit particles when held in hands or dropped on the ground
  • Tweak: api.Event.RegisterGameTickListener and similar methods now verify if they are called from the main thread, because they are not thread safe
  • Tweak: The title element in the itemstack info box can now also be rich text
  • Tweak: New server side event: BreakBlock. Can be used to override player block breaking events.
  • Tweak: New server side method: sapi.WorldManager.HasChunk(). Can be used to check if a player currently has given chunk
  • Refactor: The Transient Block Entity now has a different configuration syntax (basically just encapsulated in another json object). If your blocks use the Transient BE check out assets/survival/blocktypes/plant/mushroom.json for reference
  • Refactor: SQLiteDB is now SQLiteDBConnection
  • Refactor: The character creation dialog is now part of the survival mod
  • Refactor: blockEntity.FromTreeAtributes is now blockEntity.FromTreeAttributes
  • Refactor: Collectible.GetDurability() now used everywhere instead of Collectible.Durability. Allows itemstack specific max durabilities.
  • Fixed: Animatable block entity behavior did not properly ease out animations if they were configured to ease out. Also had a weird hardcoded texture reference in it.
  • Fixed: AiTaskManager.StopTask() did not properly stop tasks
  • Fixed: Renamed namespace VintagestoryAPI to Vintagestory.API
  • Fixed: block/item/entity property skipVariants and allowedVariants: All entries defaulted to the game domain
  • Fixed: Game crashing on stuff like "translation text</i>"
  • Fixed: Should fix placing a block not calling OnNeighbourBlockChange on the client side
  • Fixed: Collectible.OnHeldIdle() was not being called for off-hand items
  • Fixed: Render pass always being Opaque in custom models, baked gltf textures not being added to the texture atlas.

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What a update! I'm gonna feel daunted by the temperature system, but it is going to be a lot of fun to get around, too! Thanks for the awesome work! :)


Windows Defender flags the updater as a dangerous file. 


Suggestion, as someone who gets motion sickness very--very--easily in video games...allow the option to disable the screen shaking. The effect is more than enough for a giveaway, but for people like me the constant shaking makes me pretty violently ill. 😅

Also, if you drop items in water or if they fall into water, they start to swim away at the speed of light. lol

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On 10/16/2020 at 11:25 AM, Tyron said:

Tweak: Held torch now go out when you go swimming with them

There are some really great things in this update! Yay! :D Though I'm not sure about the torches going out when swimming... How is swimming defined? When the swimming animation starts? I hope it's not just touching water somehow. But even when it's the swimming animation, I think that's a bit too much and not realistic because you can hold something above water when you're swimming, and you sure would if it's a torch and you're trying to survive and keep your only light source in the dark. You would swim slower with just one hand, but it definitely works better than swimming loaded with rocks, and you can swim with an inventory full of granite blocks without a problem in the game. ;) So I don't think holding a torch above water should be a problem. But diving under water is of course something else, if you go deep enough that you couldn't hold the torch high enough. A magnesium torch could be a solution for that, though, later in the game...

I really love lakes for travelling in the game, and loosing that because the character can't hold up a torch like any normal human can, would be really, really sad. :/

I just googled it and there are pictures of people swimming with torches and it seems to be some kind of tradition. :D

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Feedback :

Possible to make this a bit more progressive so it isnt instant?

You'll get cold from: Being wet (from rain or swimming. Player needs 1 in-game hour to dry), temperatures below 10°C, Outside wind speed.

Freezing temperature last from mid october to mid april nearby our spawn area. The overlay is quite annoying after some time and everytime your feet get wet you get it.  Just harvesting some cattails i get it in the summer. Perhaps make a counter that adds up with time from dry to damp to actually wet over-time and same when you dry up.

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