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Huge water cave.


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On 2/15/2018 at 3:22 PM, tony Liberatto said:

Wish we could make the streams mod work with VS.

I would prefer it be incorporated into the terrain as one thing that bugged me about the streams mod is how rivers could start and stop at the same height when they should be more like TFC2 and flow downhill. I'm hoping that VS, when rivers get introduced, will have the terrain that works with rivers and I hope that's at the same time as oceans, which again I hope is after much much more content such as clothes, armor, fruit trees, cooking, barrels, pack animals and more. 

Yah those death swamps do look amazing when paired with mountains.

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I still think many of the problems in world generation would be easy to resolve with a limited map.

I just do not see the sense in an unlimited world. 30 000 blocks from the equator to the  Poles, I have no problem with the world ending there.

As for longitude, it could be a number set by the player at the world creation. So if I am creating a world for a Single player I could set a small number and have the all the chunks generated.

I am no coder, but people have told me that the main reason we cannot have finite water is because of the whole dynamic chunk generation.

Again maybe I wrong and there are other reasons. Coders in the forum please explain this.


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That is pretty much correct, you can't know whats beyond the range of not generated chunks. But there's ways around it

  • Fake it: The streams mod just creates a path into the underground if it can't find a downhill path
  • Limited size: Generate 5x5 chunks, then try to spawn a river inside there.
  • Islands: Force terrain gen to only have a islands with a limited size, then scan the whole island for suitable rivers
  • Simulate(?): Just spawn a bunch of water and let it run its course while the chunks are loaded, create a lake when it ends up in a basic.
  • Limiteded to 2D Terrain: When using just 2d noise you can efficently generate a very very large heightmaps. Scan for suitable river spots. Limits you to a more faked overhangs/caves style like no mans sky has.


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