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[world generation] No rain forests or terra preta in worlds which are "semi-arid"?


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So I created a semi-arid world because I got annoyed by constant rain in my previous world. I got lucky and found a beautiful seed with plenty of ressources close to spawn, but the first thing I noticed was the lack of good farming soil. Almost all of the dirt blocks are low fertility. I had to gather medium fertility soil from ruins and under traders. The only world generated medium fertility soil is found in warm climate wetlands.
I still haven't found a single block of terra preta and the rain forest biome with all its unique plant life seems to be completely missing from my seed.

Am I just unlucky or is this by design?

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How far have you explored?

Terra preta was made more rare in 1.14. It's possible that you simply haven't found any because it wasn't obvious. You pretty much only find those deposits that generate on slopes, because there you can see the telltale black color. Deposits that generate where the land is flat, and don't show any edges, are completely invisible to you.

I don't think rainfall has much influence on what kind of soil generates. I have settled in an area with rainfall "very common", and it is low fertility soil hundreds of blocks in each direction. Then there is an equally huge area with medium fertility soil to the northwest, and it has zones with less rainfall than my base.

As for rainforest: remember that at default settings, the pole-equator distance is at minimum 50k blocks, and more commonly, 100k blocks (depending on your preset). And the default spawn location of "temperate" puts you closer to the pole than the equator, latitude-wise. Meanwhile, rainforest typically generates closer to the equator. But yes - if there is less rainfall, it is possible that the spawn conditions for the biome are more difficult to fulfill. Random variance will probably make it show up anyway, but less often and/or in smaller regions than in a world with default climate settings.

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