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Patreon paid Servers?


Would you like a publicly funded server?  

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  1. 1. Would you like a publicy funded server?

    • Not interested
    • I'd contribute 3 USD monthly
    • I'd contribute 4-8 USD monthly
    • I'd contribute more than 8 USD monthly

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Just a random thought - anyone interested in contributing to server hosting via Patreon?

  • With about 40 USD per month we could probably set up a new game server for U.S. Players, since many of you seem to have lag issues when connecting to the EU based one.
  • With another 40 USD we could give the EU based server a more permanent home, since it is currently hosted for free by @Geartwo

I don't know of course if it really helps everyone with lag issues to have a U.S. based server but we could probably do a test run before getting serious about it, but there should probably be enough interest in paid contributions for that first.

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Looks like you can do a trial for up to 12 months on Google compute system and see how it goes. The trial gives $300 credits so you can estimate how much it costs each month before you start paying. It'd be a good way to test how effective it would be for all players in Europe and the US and to see how many players it gets. Google estimates at one core with 3.75 GB ram it'll cost under $30 so your trial will end in roughly 9 to 10 months.

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