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How do I find bees, WITHOUT being torn apart and eaten by wolves

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I feel like I can never enter the forest anymore, they come out of nowhere and they swarm me. Unlike the standard experience, My playthrough started in the middle of a large plain with small shrubs, that borders sandy granite and sandstone canyons, essentially I had not been aquainted with the wolves until the mid to late copper age. Now i really want bees, but the wolves prevent me from entering the forest. Is there any way I can get bees without the risk of wolves, or is there an easier way to deal with them. 

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Fortunately, wolves can only bite you to death. I'm a Forager, so I have an easier time of doing this, but you should be able to outrun them for a while. If you sprint at one at an angle when it's running at you, you can sort of 'joust' them. And drifters! Bust out your copper spear, maintain your distance, but stick close to it. As long as you're aggressive, decent at dodging, and never stand still, you should be able to take on 1-2 wolves at once. 
Of course, this is all assuming you aren't on hilly terrain. If that's the case, run as soon as you see them or hear the howl nearby, because they're better at travelling uphill than you are, but you have the advantage in open spaces.

EDIT: Or, you know, use a bow. I can't believe I forgot to mention that. Just run away from them in a straight line, pepper them with arrows, and run past the wolves to pick up your arrows again.

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First of all: not all forests feature wolves. And you are usually warned before attack by howl.

Make some armor. Brigandine iron would be great but expensive. Simple leather body armor / leather leg armor / leather helmet would be fine. make steel sword or at least iron sword.

And now the most important: when attacked by wolf don't run away, face him and use use your sword. After several hits he'll turn and run away. Follow him and kill him.

It needs some training only and it is quite easy then.

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If you choose the Malefactor class, you'll have an easier time avoiding wolves. Their aggro radius will be 20% smaller for you. That doesn't sound like a lot... but: the growl noise still plays at the normal distance.

So while normally the growl is a sign of you already being chased, for the Malefactor it's a warning that you are about to walk into a wolf's aggro range. This lets you stop and back off safely.

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Ok this is very helpful. I will consider making a few traps around the forest so I dont get killed by the wolves. I actually discovered that they climb fast becasue during my first encounter, i decided to stand my ground with a sword becasue, I had the high ground. Having the high ground means nothing

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