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Mk. I'm trying to wrap my head around this. I guess lump of fat, is more or less regulated to sealing crocks, and making oil lamps--which works fine as vanilla, despite the guide saying otherwise?

Where "Lump of fat" shows up as usable, it doesn't seem to work, for instance making the wooden axel, Copper Hammer, Copper Chisel, Pine, and 

I have. TWO Mixing tables listed, one is a normal wooden table, another is a aged wooden table.... When I click on the normal one, I get legit reading recipes, buuuut the Aged one? The Axel recipe doesn't show FAT as a option? O.o I just spend a damn hour banging my head wondering WHY I can't make a bloody axel! ugh.

Awesome mod though, haven't tossed in your fixes since update to .9 yet. Just read em lol.

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I only added recipes, I didn't touch the original ones at all. I'm still able to make mechanical parts with fat. Now, it can be a pain when reading the handbook because it randomly moves between possible permutations, but you should still be able to use fat in their original places, where the bucket is.

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