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Newly repaired translocator sends me into a rock wall with no return translocator


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Yup, I've had that same problem once.

If you're in your own world and not on a multiplayer server, you can simply go into creative mode with "/gamemode 2" (and back with "/gamemode 1") and replace the translocator. On a multiplayer server, you could ask the admin if they'd do that for you.

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On 5/15/2021 at 10:59 AM, colin macdonald said:

found this bug several times now making me not not really trust them lol thankfully i have a mod installed with /home function to tp home cause dieing with my full steel chain/tools is not a option id really like to take

It's very rare. I have got about 40 active teleports now (multiplayer server) and no one was bugged. I hit such a situation only one on my single player world.

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