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Vintage Storage- The old Bags.


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Vintage Storage

B'aux Enboxes [1.1]

This mod works on some issues the early game Vintage Story currently has, and adds in a few bags to help out both the old players, and the new players.

Recipes & Content



The Straw bag, the day 1 desperation play.  One inventory slot. 


The Bamboo bag, the day 2 bag.  Two inventory slots are added when you have this bag equipped. 


The pouch.  The main upgrade system that can be paired with backpacks.  


The wicker basket.  The storage box that has no storage.


Backpack upgrades.  Each upgrade adds 3 slots to your player storage pool to a maximum of 4 upgrades.


Double upgrades.  

Known issues


Upgrading backpacks that have things in them destroys the things in them.  Put them away.  I'll see about a fix when the new update rolls around.

Download: https://www.dropbox.com/s/kqkkbn4f7slyfvw/VintageStorage1.1.zip?dl=0

Old Versions-

Art for the mod (and wicker box model) made by the lovely Balduranne.

Old issues, and versions they were fixed in.


If either the Backpack or the Pouches have been equipped at any point, neither can be used for upgrades. - Fixed, sorta in 1.0.1

Wicker box could not be used as an inventory- Fixed in 1.1

Edited by Tatazaki
1.1 Update. The Old Bags to B'aux Enboxes
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a few questions:

- Is the mod compatible with 1.13+?

- Does the double upgrade count as 1 or 2 upgrades when it comes to the maximum of 4 upgrades? I guess as 2 and that would be the most logical answer to the question,

- And the backpack in the upgrade recipe is the standard backpack?

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