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As title says, I'd like to see braziers added to the game.  I know there have been discussions and news that eventually fire pits will get an overhaul, bringing a change to burn times (fuel consumption rates) and other fire mechanics with ovens and (hopefully) fireplaces and other things making their way into the game.

As a way of lighting and warming larger rooms or just as outdoor torches intended to light up large areas, I'd like to see braziers. I think they would make a great aesthetic addition to the game.

A few pics as examples along the lines of what I'd envision:






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56 minutes ago, l33tmaan said:

Chiseling is great, but it shouldn't have to be a solution to everything. More light sources are always welcome.

I'm not saying it's a bad idea to add, especially for heating and light, but only for the aesthetics not so much (as chiseling can do much more in that regard than a static brasier object).
The brasier might combine the advantage of the torchholder with a fireplace.

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On 3/1/2021 at 6:01 AM, caffeine9999 said:

Braziers would be a very nice addition and would perfectly fit the game theme

I Agree, having them would make Floor Based lighting better and more fluid with Medieval build's or just some path lighting if you need it.  Possibly have more exotic resource's to produce long term/lasting light.

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