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Monolithys workshop (Remake models)


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Hello all!

I try to make some contribution from my side too. I just make some new models for berries and eggs, but i will try add more intrested models in future.

With aid and support from ZigTheHedge i can do it ;)

As I say I am not profi, just are player how try make something better.


image.png.3b0da7188a925576bdaed23ef19805fb.png image.png.752a48e05ef506e458e300d0dea5d4e6.png

image.png.95e34584217053e292d7dc0119d291e9.png image.png.29cc31aa08503e57614d29eed41d88cf.png

image.png.f186a8264beaec29b63f31b69ebbac90.png image.png.19eba468de52623e586b73a5dac00564.png

image.png.2c8c71e552d3c47e3bc50fbc868e1203.png image.png.8c6a5693e86e3398d0d20836a8b93825.png

image.png.e476b315277b57b315c92706eb7224e7.png image.png.30a90d3b0c8b6e0884a6b18aaf04ca69.png

image.png.dcf9b913d6715389e6c5f912490202a8.png image.png.9f4cb0f0140f083bf151a83e2d9a54bc.png

image.png.7c759575c8d2bd4168241a503429af3d.png image.png.dac5afb8ec81800859d3ac6409014882.png


p.S. New models in work ;)




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