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Vintagehosting Preparations (v1.14.9-rc.1)


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Dear Spring-y Community
v1.14.9-rc.1, an unstable release, can now be downloaded through the account manager.

Soon we'll be releasing our first batch of officially hosted servers through our service that we call "Vintagehosting". It'll encompass about 500 player slots or 100 servers for 5 players each. The core goal of this service is to offer dead simple server hosting for friends and family. We'd like players to have a good experience with our game, and that should include setting up game servers. If there is enough demand for it then we can think of hiring extra help to expand this service to support additional features such as world uploads, variable player slot ordering and mod support.

I've decided to make another minor release to add some finishing touches to our in-game server dashboard for this purpose. But! I also added a few valuable game tweaks and fixes 🙂

Also, you can now buy the game on itch.io again! \o/

Screenshot by Wayward on Discord

Game updates

  • Vintagehosting Feature: Can now download own worlds. Cleaned up server dashboard UI
  • Tweak: Fixed player animation jankiness on block placement/interacting, bow aiming/shooting and spear aiming cancel
  • Tweak: Updated language files, added esperanto
  • Tweak: Minor modification to /stat command output. Now shows max clients and amount of seconds a player was last online
  • Fixed: Removed 1-deep-waterhole-of-doom. You can now swim out of those again :D
  • Fixed: Right clicking with an empty crock on an empty bowl made the bowl invisible
  • Fixed: Rounding issue on the health point tool tip of the hp stat bar
  • Fixed: Wrong worldconfig tool tips on the single player world selection screen and every 2nd one missing
  • Fixed: Other players not seeing items in chests being added or removed
  • Fixed: /land claim revoke not revoking access

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