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My first WIP on Creative


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Hi y'all! Just got the game a few weeks ago. Here's a peek at a build I've been doing in my Creative world.





I'm particularly happy with the windows, especially the mashrabiyya-style ones on the second floor, but I think I'll make them with multiple wood types next time. I just wish there was an equivalent to the stripped log blocks in Minecraft, since I was getting a perfect result chiseling some logs until I realized the bark still showed up at the joints, ruining the look 😔

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On 4/27/2021 at 9:06 AM, RobinHood said:

how did you paint on walls?

you need to combine two chiseled blocks of different materials (right-clicking once on a block with a chisel is all it takes to transform it into a chiseled block). You simply place one on top of the other on the crafting grid, with the block you want as the base material on top. This should convert it into a "multi-material block", and once you place it you'll have the option to switch materials when you're using a chisel on the block. The 'painted' look is best if you combine blocks that have different colors but the same texture (like mixing different types of wood, or rock, or clay). You can add even more materials to a block by repeating the method, but the game guide (or was it the wiki?) suggests not going over 4.

On 4/27/2021 at 11:21 AM, l33tmaan said:

Multiblock chiseling. I'm more curious as to what material the walls are...

Hardened clay! (red clay, which I don't think I've found in survival, and fire clay). I was gonna use the colored blocks exclusive to creative mode, but I like the texture on hardened clay. 

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I absolutely love structures built into the natural landscape. Gorgeous. I have a dream someday of being out exploring and finding auto-generated structures like this. Then searching the buildings, finding books and letters that tell the story of the people who lived there and reference other buildings or artifacts to search for.

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