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[1.12+] More Bombs, [1.5+] Animal Trap


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Currently only ore bomb is enabled on VS.  This mod simply implements the other types.
Also the cage is currently not used so I implemented a simple animal trap using the cage. 
Bait the trap and come back later to collect random animal drops. (meat, hide, feathers, fat)

MoreBombs.zip(Backward compatible to at least 1.7 and recently tested in 1.12.8)
Note: Not compatible with the old version because I changed the object. Existing bombs in your world may become broken items. 
If you already have the old mod in your world then just keep it.
This new version is for new worlds and is designed to be more compatible with other mods in the future.

Animal Trap 1.0 [1.5.2+].zip (still needs to be reworked)

New Bomb Blocks added


These blocks behave just like the vanilla bomb.  Light and run!

Rock blasting bomb: This bomb blasts plain rock but leaves ores intact.
Fragmenting bomb: Hurts things but does not damage blocks.
Firecracker: Makes a loud noise. Great for a harmless gag.
Dud Bomb: Just fizzles out. Prank your friends. (new)




Bomb Recipes


"ore blasting bomb" + "flint" = "1 Fragmenting bomb"
"ore blasting bomb" + "clay" = "1 Rock blasting bomb"
"ore blasting bomb" + "linen thread" = "3 firecrackers"
"ore blasting bomb"+"dry grass" = "3 dud bombs"



New Animal Trap blocks added


3 states of a trap

Empty, Baited, Closed (maybe with goodies inside.)



Animal trap recipes




To create a baited trap combine the empty animal trap with any grain




Edited by Elwood
Updated MoreBombs to keep up with the latest VS version.
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yeah i like that idea.  this version is just like the bomb which takes a few seconds to light a fuse so not practical if they are chasing you.  But lets say a person made it to a high place. wolves circling below.  lighting the bomb could stun wolves in range and make them temporarily flee giving you a chance to make a run for it.

The AI for entities does have some flee mechanics. like now when you hit drifters they run away. so pretty sure a mod could extend the bomb function to cause all entities in range to flee.

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Yes only ore bomb exists in vanilla game but this mod was using a different mode on the bomb in the modding api. I havent looked at this mod in a while. probably doesnt work anymore.  I have been thinking of updating this but i have to relearn modding first.

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Ah you've finally done what modders have been promising for years, build a better bomb :D


edit - rock blasting bomb should probably do dirt.

edit 2 - I highly recommend learning how to use your mod domain properly, rather than copying game content you can just reference it with the game: prefix

you could build your entire mod in the mod domain so it doesn't conflict with any other mods.

Edited by DrTenabrae
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Thanks for the feedback.  I made this long ago and have been away from VS for a while.  I have been catching up on modding in discord and might need to look at other newer mods to figure out how to package this properly if I do pick it up again.  I just remember how time consuming this was when I did it.

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