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Get chiseled blocks to count for rooms


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I found a way to make chiseled blocks count for rooms, it's super easy!

Go to Vintagestory\assets\survival\blocktypes\chiseled and open each of the 4 .json files there. Find the line "sidesolid: {all: false }," and change false to true.

I spent quite a bit of time searching for this solution, here's hoping this saves somebody else some time. Also, I don't know what side effects this might have, if someone reading this does, please share :)

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Hehe, thats indeed the right spot, nice find. That makes the room test too lax though. I've added proper support now for this in v1.15-pre.3. Chiseled blocks should get recognized as solid wall if the inside facing side is solid and the total volume of the block does not go below 50%.

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I'd like to argue for a 30% volume instead of 50%? I like to make slim walls with slabs and chisel some details in there. As soon as you remove one voxel from a slab, it would go below the 50% threshold and not count as a room anymore.

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