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A Immersive way to craft Tools

tony Liberatto

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As one more step to move away from the crafting grid, I propose that we assemble Tools and Weapons over a surface. 
For stone tools, it should be a rock surface, like the caveman would just work on the ground.

For metal tools, the player should need a work-table.
The idea is that the player right clicks over a surface with the tool head. That will place the tool head there.

then the player right clicks with the tool handle to place it.

Then the player uses a hammer to put the 2 pieces together.

Before anyone asks how you make a hammer if you need a hammer to make a hammer.

You use a hand hammer, Is a stone hammer without a handle.

Also for stone tools, you do not need to use a hammer you just need to tie the pieces together using leather or sinew strips. Again using the same in the world immersive way.  


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As I mentioned before, my beef with this system is that it:

  • Removes the 'portability' of crafting by making you require a crafting surface each time. In MinecraftI kept leaving workbenches all around the place because of this (And carried some on me)
  • Forces you to do extra inventory juggling by having to put things into the hotbar and then back.
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This only increases the real cost for stone tools, in that they require leather.  Which means there is no longer ad-hoc tools.  Not a fan.  This now means I can't get anything done without having my prepared tools.  If I find myself far from base needing to do a task I didn't bring the tool for, I either have to go back to base, field-cast it, or field tan some leather.  You're also going to need a plain stone knife, in addition to a plain stone hammer, btw.  Otherwise how will I cut my leather strips?  Or will that be glossed over?

Specialized work surface is unnecessary.  Just place parts on any hard surface and 'thump' them together with a rock.  Can even have the vibrating animation like sevtech.  Now, if leather thongs made a better stone tool version, ok.  Work bench is not much of a cost, considering it will never wear out(?).  If it's copper tech, then it's defacto part of all tools.   If it is tech gated after steel or something, then it's part of the progression. 

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In the upcoming update for "The Neolithic Mod",I already made versions for "Stone Hand Hammer", "Stone Hand Knife", and "Stone Hand Axe". 
Those 3 tools were basic tools that our ancestors used before they started using handles. They are easily made on the field, by just knapping some stones.
All the stone tools can be made over a hard surface. I.e.  a raw Stone.
All the Primitive Stone Tools that require leather to tie together the head and the shaft give more damage and have more durability than the existing stone tools in the game. So yes, they do require one more element. The leather or Sinew Strip. but they are better.
For metal tools, I do not leave my base without then already made and ready to use. 
The metal tools will not require leather strips, only the stone tools.
Metal tools use a different process to hold the shaft, usually, just a hole in the tool head and pressed together. 
For that, a hard surface still should be a requirement. I like the idea of requiring a specific Work Table that I would have in my Smithery.  I will not be carrying around such table, as I will not be assembling metal tools on the go.


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