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clay fireing too slow


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i like the idea of the kiln for clay, but at the moment the length of time it takes to fire a single object is, a lot! especially when its so useful for storage and necessary to continue in to the game with higher level tools and such, i really like this game but the waiting can get to be a lot, especially when im pretty sure sleeping doesnt speed up the clocks on this sort of stuff? the sort of point i want to make is an improved kiln with faster firing speed, or possibly using charcoal as fuel to speed things up might be a good idea? or just reducing the cook times lol, maybe an option for that when creating a world? anyway! i love the game a lot and im excited to see where it goes.

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Get 4-5 stacks of clay.  Spend a day forming all the clay stuff you're going to need:

  • a bowl
  • a cooking pot or two
  • 12 crocks (enough to fill a storage vessel)
  • two or three storage vessels
  • pick, hammer, and anvil molds (and whatever other tools you think you'll when you first start working with metals).
  • at least one crucible
  • at least one ingot mold

Fire them all at once, and do something else while they're cooking.

I hardly even noticed how long it took this last world I started.  Until I cooked up some food and realized I'd forgotten to make a bowl.  XD

EDIT:  You may eventually need more, but I think that's a good starter list.  You can make more as needed just be mindful and plan it out; e.g. if your storage vessels are starting to fill, make another *before* you need it, don't wait until you fill the last spot and then make another one.

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I like peat because it requires no processing and is easy to find and harvest.

There are a lot of processes in the game that work passively over time. There is always something else you can be doing than staring at the progress bar, but planning out your work will help you out a lot, especially when you consider winter and night time.

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