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My structure generates only in the water


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Hello everyone :D,

Can someone help me to generate my structures right?

The structure is one, wich has a top on the surface, and then a underground-part. I the .json file i write all right (in my oppinion), and i set the inside-block-codes-parameter to grass and not to water, but the struktures keep generating there!

Here some examplepictures:



I dont understand where the mistake is.

Here the .json code:

    "op": "add",
    "path": "/structures/-",
    "value": {
      "code": "dungeon1",
      "offsetY": -84,
      "chance": 0.5,
      placement: "surface",
      "schematics": ["dungeon1"],
      inblockcodes: ["soil-medium-normal", "soil-low-normal", "soil-verylow-normal"],
    "file": "game:worldgen/structures.json"

If someone could help me, it would be gratefull! xD

Thank you



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@I33tmaan, yes, i took a look to chaoslands, and in my mod i have shipwrecks too,  and they generate like it schould be. But there i dont use the "offsetY" parameter (or minimal, -1 or so). Maybe this is the reason, maybe the block to generate on is  84 blocks beneath, and there is no grass, and because of that its bugging. But i dont know, how to do it in an other way. 😕

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