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Mushroom spawns in new forests and bees..., 1.15.7.

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Hello all you fellow Vintarians! I hope you're all having a great day?

So I've recently started playing the game again after having gotten a hardware upgrade and that leads me to try the new 1.15.7 update.
Now I absolutely love the new changes and all so a big congratulations to the Vs team.

Now my question is... After having found a forest I've been looking for mushrooms and bee hives. In previous updates I've been able to just walk into a newly found forest and harvest mushrooms as I see them. As for bee hives, I just listen to my surroundings until I hear one in a tree.
With the new 1.15.7 update... All mushrooms seem to not grow. The temperature and season are seemingly enough to support their growth. I've visited the forest in both spring, summer and fall to make sure I wasn't messing things up or missing something obvious.. Every mushroom I stumble upon appears to be already harvested, but in my current playthrough, I've yet to actually harvest a single mushroom.
So do either the animals now eat grown mushrooms or is there something wrong here? Temperatures are anywhere between 18 and 27 most of the time.
Bees... I weirdly enough can't hear any more. I have my volume set to the point when I go into a forest, I almost become deaf from a wolf howl several blocks away. And yet when i harvest a tree, I magically get honeycombs dropping on my head and an angry bee hive chasing me. Has their sound become more quiet in the new updates or what?

All answers and help is welcome, including hints and tips or tricks.

Best regards,

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Well the mushrooms are still spawning, although significantly more difficult to spot because they are in their harvested state. So, without the cap.
It looks like they either spawned that way, or some animal has already eaten it. (Which, in real life terms, does happen. Some animals eat forest mushrooms, especially the fly amanita. Since it acts as a natural de-wormer for animals.

If that's not the case.. It's a bit odd that berry bushes spawn usually ready to harvest, but every single mushroom no matter the season, does not.

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Mushrooms do spawn 'already harvested'.  It's been that way for quite some time though, and afaik they should become ready to harvest in just a few days (temperatures allowing?).  Beyond that, my first suggestion is always check your mods, and try to figure out if this is true without any mods.

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