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Mod Idea: Parallel Universe using new Layer System

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Basically the layer system is a block matrix just like the main world. So you could put any block you wanted in that and it would be separate to the main world.
Now imagine a parallel universe which the effects (block breaking/placing) of the main world transfer over to the alternate world, but not the other way around.
Once you are where you want to be, you can reenter the main world. Basically, this game's equivalent of the Nether, but with a more interesting twist.
You could put on some special glasses or something to see (but not interact with) this alternate world without having to enter.

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Started reading the king in yellow, and man that would be one hell of a terrifying story: where the temporal distortions were done not on accident, but as a last-ditch effort to stop the king in yellow, but it half worked. So we can have this berserk style eclipse setup where you go to Carcosa to fight Hastur. Once defeated then you go back in time to bring villagers into the future to rebuild the world.  

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