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  1. I had really bad lag issues in previous version and with this version I haven't experienced any lag at all yet. Good patch.
  2. I just completed a waterwheel in 1.15.4, I had the base already placed in 1.15.3. When I attached the waterwheel it's invisible. When I start the flow of water, the base shows a rotating double.
  3. Here's a screenshot. I tried on another trader too and it didn't happen. Maybe direction matters, ladders to the west...
  4. I may know what happened. I just made another trader lose his ladders. Just dig out the block beneath said ladders and they pop off! I don't know how the block on the first trader got removed, it's been a while and I'm not on that map anymore. But that's probably how it happened. So, just protecting the layer underneath the trader should fix it. Or change how ladders behave when the block under them disappears. This is in 1.14.10, don't know if the new version fixed anything relating to this.
  5. I've found 3 so far in this world. All of them went north!
  6. HelveHammerExtensions_v1.14.7_v1.0.2.zip Rope Bridges v1.0.7 for VS1.14.zip hudclock-2.4.2.zip TravelMarkers_v0.1.0.zip lorddans-surface-translocators-b2.zip vsprospectorinfo_v3.1.0.zip medievalexpansion-3.4.2.zip wildfarming_v0.9.3.zip MushroomMod1.0.0.zip xlib_v0.5.0.zip xskills_v0.5.0.zip The mods I have installed.
  7. I was at a trader, got killed by a wolf right next to it (no idea if relevant), when I got back to the trader his ladder were floating in the water instead of attached to the structure. It's wintertime, the traders entrance was such that I had to climb up from shallow water. I didn't even do anything that should interact with those ladders except climb them...
  8. I found a trader, surface translocator, ruin combo completely overlapping each other. I suspect I wont be able to fix that translocator since it's within the trader... Overlaps is not a new bug and it's not a pretty discovery fit for the screenshots forum so... here it is. When will we see a fix to prevent things overlapping?
  9. Ah, so I'm not alone. For me it only happens sometimes. But it certainly seems VSHUD triggers it. I've also had issues with VSHUD being unreliable in general, like the waypoint beacons not showing up, reload and they're back... So I think that mod has some issues.
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